Leaktronics Introduces the Spot Mic for Accurate Pool and Spa Leak Detection

LeakTronics introduces new equipment for leak detection.

Agoura Hills, CA, July 04, 2021 --(PR.com)-- LeakTronics, the industry leader in leak detection listening technology introduces a new underwater microphone for accurate leak detection. The Spot Mic hydrophone, designed for listening to the precise area where leaks occur, attaches to the end of a standard pool pole and reduces time spent identifying the precise area where water loss occurs. It’s available now directly through the LeakTronics website.

LeakTronics manufactures the industry’s most accurate and trusted listening equipment for finding leaks in pools and spas, plumbing and irrigation lines, fountains, ponds and more. LeakTronics research and development team consistently develops equipment and methods that find where water loss occurs with extreme accuracy and also trains technicians on how to use the equipment to operate a successful service company. The recent introduction of the Spot Mic is the next evolution in technology to find leaks in pool and spa shells.

The weight of water in a pool pushes out of cracks and separations and the pressure gives a clearly audible sound when listening underwater using highly sensitive hydrophones. LeakTronics hydrophones are the center of the kits they design for finding leaks in pools and spas. Where structural cracks, plastics and protrusions through the shell or liner and previous repairs are all subject to water loss, the Spot Mic gives users control and easy handling to listen at those areas to pinpoint where the faults are and where water loss takes place.

The Spot Mic comes as a perfect addition to LeakTronics kits that users already own and plugs directly into the LT-1000 Amplifier, which powers all of LeakTronics listening equipment. For vinyl liner leak detection technicians, the Spot Mic now comes standard in both the VILO Vinyl Liner Leak Detection Kit and the VILO Add-On Kit for users who are adding vinyl liner leak detection equipment to their current equipment set.

Details on the Spot Mic, including video content, are available at https://leaktronics.com and more information is available by calling 818-46-2953.
Joe Dolan