Noise of Rose Fusic Presents a New Version of Album "Fusic​-​jazz​-​funk to My Musical Heiress with Nothing But My Male Voice" of Tengang

This is a new version (all songs have been modified) of this a Cappella album of TenGanG (All vocals by TenGanG, and except in 3 songs, all sounds made with his voice). TenGanG is a Cameroonian singer (guitarist, songwriter) living in France. He is inspired by all the music of the world and he makes albums in distinct styles, either based on Progressive Rock, or on Jazz and Funk, which is very rare, if not unique.

Paris, France, July 06, 2021 --( Previous album of TenGanG "Symphony Of Noise In French Troubled Waters," with guest singers, was a Progressive-Rock album. In this new album "Fusic-Jazz-Funk To My Musical Heiress With Nothing But My Male Voice," he changes totally universe. This time it is a fusion of Jazz and Funk and other influences, and, apart from the guitar in a song and and an organ background in two songs, all the other sounds of the album are performed by the single voice of the singer (strongly influenced by Bobby McFerrin), which is quite a vocal feat.

This new version will replace the previous one, released 3 years ago in 2018. When an artist listens to his songs, he has new ideas and would like to improve them. Digital distribution offers this possibility, which was not possible with physical distribution in the form of CD for example. This new album is therefore a first.

There is also something new on the mixing side. Two different vocal tracks rhythmic were recorded for most of the songs, one panned to the right and the other to the left, which generates a very specific hearing effect with headphones.
Noise Of Rose Fusic
Jean-Michel Tengang-Bogogam