New Launch of Ordyx Ghost: Multiple Restaurants Within One

Deerfield Beach, FL, July 19, 2021 --( Ordyx POS today announced Ordyx Ghost, a new functionality that allows restaurant owners to create Ghost Kitchens within their business using Ordyx POS. Ordyx Ghost is a software functionality feature and offers a new way for Restaurateurs to gain new business.

How it Works

Ordyx Ghost was created to prepare restaurants with a setup for the growing trend of Ghost Kitchens. It is a setup that is created upon the purchase of Ordyx. When a user creates their store, Ordyx Ghost will be programmed to the specified amount of kitchens needed for their location. All of the Kitchens will have their own separate menu. It can be configured to a specific terminal, or can be accessible by every terminal. Restaurants can be separated on the terminal by buttons with the restaurant name. Ordyx Ghost is fully compatible with Ordyx Chowly integration. This allows restaurant owners to place as menu restaurant menus on delivery apps as they can handle. This gives restaurant owners a wider audience base and higher profit potential.

“Ordyx Ghost changes the way you look at a restaurant. Instead of only having one menu and customer base, business owners can now have many within the same location!” says Michael Price, Chief Marketing Officer.

Features and benefits of Ordyx Ghost include:
- Complete Menu and terminal Separation
- Separate Sales and Reporting
- Full Online Delivery Integration with Chowly
- Enterprise Reporting and Comparisons
- Enhanced Customer Base

About Ordyx POS:
Ordyx POS was the first cloud-based POS solution to hit the market in 2003. Offering compatibility on all major platforms: Windows, Mac, OS, and Android. Ordyx is able to benefit any food service business. It has been involved in the industry trends analyzing all of the newest features available in Point of Sale and adding them to its software package. Ordyx is excited to announce that it will be attending Retail Now 2021 in Nashville.
Ryan Graves