Introducing a 30 MPG Recreational Vehicle From CarTopCamper introduces a car top tent for today's smaller vehicles. With a built in mattress that comfortably sleeps two in RV comfort, this travel product fits most roof rack systems and costs less than $1000.

Irvine, CA, May 09, 2008 --( With credit tightening and gas exceeding $4 a gallon in most parts of the country, outdoor enthusiasts are rethinking expensive recreational vehicle options. introduces a comfortable mobile folding bedroom that can easily be carried on the roof of most compact vehicles.

“RV’s are expensive to buy, store, fuel and maintain,” says Chris Dufault, owner of, “for less than $1000 our car top tent provides all-weather safe and comfortable off-the-ground sleeping for two or even a small family."

A roof tent from comes with a built in mattress and stores bedding in-place for quick set up. When folded up for travel, the low profile barely affects gas mileage and is very easy to drive. The tent can be stored in a garage or apartment, saving monthly storage fees.

CarTopCamper is a provider of unique and environmentally friendly camping and travel products. See for a free video, owner’s manual and pictures of this clever camping and travel innovation.

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Chris Dufault