Mobile Coach and Energx Announce Franky - The Anti-Burnout Chatbot

Provo, UT, July 15, 2021 --( Mobile Coach, in partnership with Energx, announced today the launch of Franky, an AI coach that helps individuals and organizations fight burnout.

In the shadow of recent history-shaking events, including a global pandemic, social unrest, presidential election-related vitriol, and economic hardship, many feel an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety. With these unsettling times, more and more people are facing burnout; one survey in 2020 said over 69% of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home.

Mobile Coach, the world’s leading no-code chatbot authoring tool, and human performance company Energx have teamed up to create a personalized chatbot coach that is a simple but effective tool against burnout.

How Franky works:
Franky’s AI engine creates a personalized 87-day micro-skills curriculum of coaching sessions and behavioral change challenges. With over 5.7 million unique programs, Franky provides each user with precisely what they need all in as little as 15 minutes a week.

Franky acts as an automated, intuitive cheerleader that helps users see where they most need motivation and then helps them use that motivation to work towards their goals. Consistent, simple messaging reminds and energizes participants to take bite-size steps against burnout each day.

“Our entire team at Mobile Coach is thrilled to be partnering with Sean and Energx to deliver this life-changing tool to help not only prevent burnout, but to enable individuals with tools to learn how to thrive. What an honor it is to have our chatbot platform be a part of this effort.” says Vince Han, CEO and Founder of Mobile Coach.

Franky is a revolutionary way for participants and organizations to not only improve well-being but to also understand burnout patterns. Organizations will receive anonymized, aggregate reporting that highlights team-wide trends. This data allows organizations to see where their people are thriving already and where they need additional support and to help leaders repair disconnects.

As the world gets busier and messier, it’s important for organizations and their teams to find the physical and mental security needed to stay meaningfully engaged. Mobile Coach and Energx built Franky to move everyone a little bit closer to that goal, and they invite other organizations to join them on the journey.

“The productivity loss of burnout is as much as 42 days per employee, per year,” says Sean Hall, CEO/Founder of Energx. “To overcome this, we need to teach people the micro skills they need to take responsibility for their personal performance, and then hold them accountable to small behavioral changes that feel achievable, have immediate impact, and are sustainable.”

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