MOFFAS Launches Digital Marketing Program, MOFFAS Phi

New York, NY, July 19, 2021 --( MOFFAS, a New York-based technology startup that focuses on building the next generation of social shopping environment, launches new module, MOFFAS Phi, as the latest expansion into digital marketing.

MOFFAS Phi is built to explore and harness the natural power of social connections, providing systemic support, network resources and platform-level services to both brands and digital marketers. Phi helps brands build and elevate digital marketing campaigns by connecting them to "Mofficers," MOFFAS' own affiliate marketer program.

"Phi is built on top of an affiliate marketing model but it does and offers more," says Robyn Zhou, founder of MOFFAS. "It doesn't just connect brands to Mofficers or vice versa. It also connects Mofficers to Mofficers, which is the true meaning of social connection-based marketing."

Phi features a built-in Bloc system to manage campaign-based relationships among Mofficers as well as the relationships between Mofficers and brands. Bloc is a virtual structure Phi utilizes to recognize and represent groupings of Mofficers. With Blocs, Mofficers (and non-Mofficers) are motivated and facilitated to work together and share rewards.

"Just like Phi is not just another affiliate marketing program, a Mofficer is more than just an affiliate marketer," Robyn further explains. "Marketers, in most cases, work for brands, but Mofficers are an interface by nature and specifically designed to work with both brands and consumers. They can be trend-setters, lifestyle consultants and brand ambassadors. Phi is here to provide more opportunities to people with these aspirations and passion, and help them achieve more."

To ensure transparency, security as well as prevent fraud, every Bloc comes with its own public profile page, as a built-in disclosure mechanism. The link and code generated for each Bloc can be used by consumers to look up the campaign information. Mofficers can also choose between full and semi-transparency to hide reward information.

“We highly value transparency and privacy because that’s the only way to build trust and the right way to do business. The goal of MOFFAS is always to build relationships and communities, online or offline, for shopping or living, in general," Robyn adds. "We are really excited to have Phi up and running as it demonstrates the power of social connections and social networking in the age of Internet and e-commerce. It makes MOFFAS a more complete experience."

Phi supports multiple campaign types, from basic pay-per-click, to social media monitoring, to advanced commission schemes, which will be rolled out gradually at different points.

Created, owned and managed by New York-based Internet start-up, Being & Time, LLC, MOFFAS is a new cross-platform e-commerce service software that aims to build enhanced continuous social shopping environment for shoppers, marketers and merchants. The ever-growing list of functionalities provided by MOFFAS includes shared cloud shopping carts, group deal processing, digital marketing, in-page communication, crowdsourced rating system, etc. For more information, please visit
Linden Freer