Quintessa Marketing Chooses Iconic 50 Penn Place for New Headquarters

Quintessa Marketing has made 50 Penn Place the new location of their headquarters in Oklahoma City, with the massive amount of stress COVID-19 has put on the world, Quintessa Marketing was able to buckle down and create this wonderful opportunity for themselves.

Quintessa Marketing Chooses Iconic 50 Penn Place for New Headquarters
Oklahoma City, OK, July 20, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Quintessa Marketing is now in its third office due to incredibly fast growth. The first office; being a small one desk room housing the CEO and an Assistant, the second office; being a newly constructed suite that quickly became home to a very young and rapidly growing team of professionals, and now the third office; the top floor of 50 Penn Place across from Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City, an expansive space that creates great opportunity for further growth into many more facets of the marketing realm. The building put Quintessa Marketing alongside great businesses and companies such as iHeartRadio, Belle Isle Restaurant, Full Circle Bookstore and Cafe, 50 Penn Place Art Gallery, and so many more. The staff at Quintessa Marketing are elated at the vast improvement in lunch time spots to choose from. The more centralized location of the office also makes the morning and evening commutes much more convenient.

The new space is equipped with ample square footage that houses multiple executive offices, a grand conference room, a very stout lobby, and a ginormous intake department. Along with the space, Quintessa Marketing is blessed in knowing that there is onsite security keeping everyone safe through the day and night. The extra room has created a great environment for the Executive Team to work together more closely to further expand the company's vision. The new office has also provided the Intake Department with a healthy amount of space, a spectacular view of the city, and by being in a prime location of the city, it will aid in the recruitment of top tier Oklahoma City candidates looking for jobs.

During the move, Quintessa Marketing made it their mission that their clients would not feel any impact. The move was so well coordinated and executed that the day-to-day operations never stopped and Quintessa Marketing was able to maintain their clients high expectations.

Among the benefits of a little more elbow room, the move has created a huge sense of accomplishment for the whole team, even through the tremendously tough times of COVID-19, the team's perseverance and dedication made the move possible, ney, necessary, by never giving up and always striving for excellence in everything they do. Quintessa Marketing could not be more proud of the people that work there and they are excited for what is in store for them as they look to the future.
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Alex Bryan