Explore the “Third Workplace” with a Workroom Booked Through HotelsByDay

Mobility and tech have revolutionized the workplace allowing people to work almost anywhere, including hotels.

New York, NY, July 27, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Typical workplaces used to be thought of exclusively as offices, factories, or garages. It is a place where you would expect the person to perform their job duties. But as technology grew over the years and continues to expand, the ability for people to work remotely at home, in cafés, coworking spaces or even hotels has increased. The evolution of the workplace is often broken down into three workplace locations or stages.

The first location was born in the early 1900’s. It was the good old factory-type setting. As jobs grew and evolved, the office setting became the norm in the ‘30’s and is known as the second location. However, due to the lack of technology during this time, people were limited in their mobility and the locations where they could effectively perform their work duties.

The first mobile phone made its appearance in the 70’s and laptops followed in the 80’s, these were some of the first steppingstones to being able to work remotely and in “out-of-the-box” settings. The internet being introduced and the World Wide Web becoming publicly available in the early 90’s was another game changer. It meant workers were no longer tethered to one location. This led to the birth of the third workplace location. It was any space other than an office that had office equipment, internet and other tools needed to complete the job. Some of these locations include internet cafes, libraries and coworking spaces.

The COVID pandemic was a great reminder of how flexible an office and workplace can really be as people also used hotels as a place to work and continue to do so. The rooms allow workers to have a fresh space to concentrate and feel inspired after being cooped up in the house trying to accomplish tasks with constant distractions.

HotelsByDay allows workers to experience the third workplace location without breaking the bank. The web app allows workers to quickly and easily find a local hotel that has workrooms available in blocks of three to 12+ hours without having to pay for a full day. The in-room workstations are private, include secure, fast WiFi, access to business equipment like printers, fax machines and scanners as well as ample desk space and a comfortable chair. Another hidden bonus of working in a hotel and booking through HotelsByDay is that guests have access to all of the amenities that overnight guests have access to - including the pool if you need a relaxing break, the gym to let out some work aggression and even the continental breakfast for brain fuel.

HotelsByDay has thousands of hotel options to choose from in places people need them the most - like business districts, shopping hubs, by airports and near beaches. To learn more about the evolution of the workplace and book a room to work remotely visit: https://blog.hotelsbyday.com/hotels-new-third-location-evolution-workplace/
Yannis Moati