DNA-DX Launches "Genetic Art: the Most Exclusive Art Form"

Found a revolutionary way to display the human genome through stunning art pieces aptly titled 'GenePortraits'.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 08, 2008 --(PR.com)-- DNA-DX has amalgamated the polar opposite worlds of Art and Science and found a revolutionary way to display the human genome through stunning art pieces aptly titled 'GenePortraits'. Using cutting edge techniques in molecular biology and digital imaging, DNA DX has created 'personalised' and 'customized' genetic art that is both visually and spiritually appealing.

Project director Junaid Faruq states "Genetic art is a revolutionary concept in modern art and design, and DNA DX is the only company to have developed and launched such a stunning product for the first time in both the Middle East and Asian continents"

The process is simple; the DNA DX website allows you to choose the size and color of your portrait from more than 20 different color combinations, in essence customizing the look of your genome and making your portrait inimitable and unique.

On placing an order, a DNA sampling kit consisting of an easy to use 'cheek swab' is sent to you. The collection of buccal (cheek) cells is extremely easy, painless and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Your DNA sample is processed by DNA DX and a high resolution photo of your unique 'genetic band pattern' is taken, and image is subsequently printed onto superior quality canvas using a special printing technique and is then sent directly to your door.

Dr Faruq Badiuddin, Chairman of Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences states "GenePortraits are a product of state of the art genetic science, cutting edge imaging technology and high end printing technologies combined to create striking contemporary art. They are a demonstration of how modern technologies can make a significant impact on the world of modern art."

With a zeal for innovation, Junaid Faruq utilized his technical background and creativity to develop GenePortrait. Junaid believes Dubai is becoming a new capital for design, fashion and the arts in the Middle East in league with style capitals such as Milan and Paris.

Junaid states "Our GenePortraits are very fitting for a populace and culture that oozes style, class and has a thirst for exclusivity that our genetic art inherently provides."

GenePortraits make the ultimate gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and also highly impressive corporate gifts. Combination GenePortraits allows up to four individuals' genomic DNA to be displayed onto one piece of canvas. Prices range from $420 to $1020

DNA DX is a joint venture project of Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences and Arabtel FZCO led by project director Junaid Faruq. Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences is a biotechnology company that specializes in providing Genetic and DNA Testing services in the Middle East region and is a member of DUBIOTECH Biotechnology Park and provides the scientific technologies required for operations of DNA DX. Arabtel FZCO is a company based in Jebel Ali Free Zone that has trading interests in a wide range of fields and is the marketing engine of DNA DX.

For more information, visit www.dna-dx.com

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