SkyVPN Launches Invitation Program to Help Spread Secure Online Spectatorship Ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

In what is another giant stride towards enhancing the frontiers of safe and secure online spectatorship, SkyVPN rolls out its all-new invitation program. Users can now enjoy and share the feels of the 2020 Olympics together with their loved ones this summer.

Sunnyvale, CA, July 25, 2021 --( Stadiums and pubs may be closed. Regardless, the allure of the Olympics and Paralympics this summer still holds sway among sports fans. The heightened buzz stems from an earlier COVID-induced postponement of arguably the most keenly anticipated sporting event the world has ever seen.

But even as lockdown enters its second wave, SkyVPN matches the frenetic atmosphere with an invitation program to share the greatest viewing experience imaginable in an era of social distancing and crowd-less sport among users.

With the 17-day event featuring more than 11,000 athletes worldwide, the Tokyo Olympics, also known as the 2020 summer Olympics or the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, is expected to smash worldwide viewership records in 2021. This expectedly raises concerns about how users can stay at home and securely stream the Tokyo Games from anywhere across the world.

For one, SkyVPN provides all the answers with its protection from cyberattacks and identity hacks. It then goes further to take its swell of solutions a notch higher with its latest piece of innovation by offering users an invitation program where they can share this secure online access with friends and families, gain unclogged access to premium traffic, and soak in the excitement of the Tokyo Olympic games in all its unfolding glory.

“The COVID restrictions on Tokyo-area stadiums and arenas mean that users are left with TVs broadcasts and streaming options. And that’s where SkyVPN comes in. We offer a solution that protects user identity and privacy, without compromising on the flawless streaming experience,” stated Edward, Director of Product Development at SkyVPN. “The Invitation program comes with a share functionality that means users can not only enjoy, but also share the experience with loved ones this summertime in a way that embodies the high-spirits and togetherness of the sporting event.”

VPNs employ data encryption to shield users’ IP addresses from third-party intervention. They also hide the user’s browser history, IP address, location, and the majority of internet-related activity. Anyone else, including Internet Service Providers, will have a difficult time tracing internet VPN users. SkyVPN boasts an array of mouth-watering premium features for Olympic viewers and users who are looking to safeguard their data from grave breaches and minor hacks this summer. From its uber-fast servers (for streaming and gaming) to its split tunnel, zero ads, and unlimited data, users are well-poised to experience a world of reliable, secure, and private connection.

Users can also try SkyVPN’s Premium traffic for free, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. To access this latest invitation program, download SkyVPN for free on the full version of all devices, including desktop PCs, tablets, and phones compatible with operating systems of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Then click the “Add” button on the top-of-screen, get into the Activity page, and choose "Invite Friends."

To learn more about SkyVPN and this all-new feature, download SkyVPN and visit SkyVPN’s website for more information. (

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