SkyVPN Kickstarts FIFA World Cup 2022 Campaign to Help People Cheer Together Anytime, Anywhere

SkyVPN is gearing up to celebrate the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Its newly released program sheds light on a special offering to help users “Watch World Cup Live Anytime, Anywhere.” - November 21, 2022

SkyVPN Rolls Out Limited-Time Offers Giving Away SkyVPN Premium and Discord Nitro

SkyVPN launches a back-to-school campaign offering gifts for students. - August 10, 2022

SkyVPN and uCloudlink Inked Strategic Partnership to Provide Secure Mobile WiFi Hotspot Globally

SkyVPN Inc. (“SkyVPN” or the “Company,”, a leading provider of consumer VPN (virtual private network) service, today announced that the Company established cooperation with GlocalMe®, a product and service brand of uCloudlink Group Inc. - August 18, 2021

SkyVPN Launches Invitation Program to Help Spread Secure Online Spectatorship Ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics

In what is another giant stride towards enhancing the frontiers of safe and secure online spectatorship, SkyVPN rolls out its all-new invitation program. Users can now enjoy and share the feels of the 2020 Olympics together with their loved ones this summer. - July 25, 2021

SkyVPN Releases Updated Version Offering a Redesigned Interface, Advanced Features

The app upgrade includes a sleek, new look along with new features like Smart Proxy. - April 30, 2021

Budget-Friendly and Super-Fast: Independent Tech News Site TechRadar Reviews SkyVPN’s Performance

Recently, TechRadar, the largest UK-based consumer technology news and reviews site, which is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation, published a review of SkyVPN, a leading consumer VPN service provider. The review evaluated SkyVPN’s price, streaming service, privacy and... - January 31, 2021

No Place Like Home: SkyVPN Reveals "All-New" Customer Trend from Latest Online Survey Ahead of Festive Season

SkyVPN reels out findings from a recent online survey, with 85% of respondents opting to celebrate the festive season with loved ones virtually, highlighting the “different” trend festivities are likely to take this year while giving actionable, easy-to-apply tips to users to securely stay connected with loved ones. - December 24, 2020

SkyVPN Announces Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special Promotions

SkyVPN Announces Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special Promotions

This week, SkyVPN kicks off the holiday promotions with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale that features the best deals of the year. - November 26, 2020

SkyVPN Launches Redesigned Website to Provide Users with Enriched Information

SkyVPN (, a consumer cybersecurity solution provider that offers popular virtual private network products, announced that its new-look website is now officially released and ready for users to browse and explore. The redesigned site features improved navigation and enhanced... - October 31, 2020

SkyVPN Calls for Data Protection Practices for the Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cybersecurity awareness issue has become a growing issue for internet users. SkyVPN will provide guidance from experts and promote cybersecurity practices during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. - October 23, 2020

Bans on WeChat and TikTok Lead to SkyVPN’s Rapid Traffic Growth

President Donald Trump’s ban on transactions with TikTok parent ByteDance and WeChat owner Tencent has driven users of these two apps to look for alternative solutions. After the executive order being signed earlier this month, SkyVPN, one of the leading VPN service providers, has seen a 15%... - August 23, 2020

SkyVPN Upgrades Servers to Better Tackle Surging Demands Amid TikTok Ban Reports

Platform creators and users of TikTok, the fast-growing video-sharing app, are looking more closely at the latest updates on the app's potential shutdown or instability around a sudden sale. As potential TikTok ban issues are starting to get even more heated up, the uncertainty and worries led to a... - August 08, 2020

SkyVPN Launches Special Offer to Help Users Handle Potential TikTok Security Issues

SkyVPN, one of the most popular free VPN service providers, recently released its mid-year special offer that saves up to 70 percent for its subscription users. The special discount is meant to help users deal with underlying issues about cybersecurity concerns for internet users, both individuals... - July 19, 2020

SkyVPN Launches New Gaming Servers with Dedicated Servers for PUBG

SkyVPN, a leading virtual private network provider, today announced the availability of its new servers, which are specially established for online gaming. The latest version of SkyVPN application comes to provide improved security and the latest features. The expansion of servers is designed to... - July 10, 2020

SkyVPN Strengthens Privacy Protection for Users Amid India’s Digital Strike

SkyVPN, a top-rated free virtual proxy network services provider, saw a strong growth tendency of app downloads after India banned TikTok with other 58 apps, most of which have Chinese links, citing that they were prejudicial to sovereignty, integrity and security of the country. With the ban... - July 03, 2020

SkyVPN Unveils New Version for Windows with Optimized "Smart VPN" Feature

SkyVPN, a leading virtual private network provider, today announced the release of the latest version of its VPN application for Windows. The update comes with some enhanced features like DNS Leak Test, Kill Switch and the major new additions named "Smart VPN." DNS Leak Test is an... - June 26, 2020

SkyVPN Partners with Africa’s Top Mobile Vendor Transsion to Offer Free VPN Service

SkyVPN, a leading free VPN services provider, today announced that a targeted version of its popular VPN app was officially released on Palmstore, Transsion’s app distribution platform. Transsion Holdings ("Transsion") and its three leading brands, Itel, Tecno and Infinix, jointly... - June 09, 2020

SkyVPN Releases a New Server Located in Italy to Cope with Cybersecurity Pressure During COVID-19

SkyVPN, a VPN service provider, today announced a new VPN server location was released in Italy, aiming at expanding VPN network and enabling users to have a new VPN server option for their internet freedom and online security and privacy protection to go through COVID-19 pandemic. About... - April 14, 2020

SkyVPN Ranks in Top 20 in the 2019 Global Mobile VPN Report

SkyVPN, a VPN service used by over twenty million users across the globe, has made it to the top twenty positions in the Global Mobile VPN Report 2019. This report provides mobile VPN app download data at the global, regional, country and app-level over the last 12 months. - December 13, 2019

SkyVPN Reassures Users of Data Security in the Aftermath of Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The UK's data protection watchdog, the ICO has recently imposed a fine of £500,000 on Facebook for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Following the breaking of this news, popular VPN service provider SkyVPN has reconfirmed its commitment to providing unbreachable data protection facility to its twenty million plus users around the world. - November 07, 2019

SkyVPN Stands in Solidarity with Sudanese People as Internet Blackout Continues After Five Weeks

The internet blackout imposed by the Sudanese authorities has recently completed five weeks. As protests continue throughout the world, noted VPN service provider SkyVPN stands by the Sudanese people to support their internet freedom and freedom of speech. - July 18, 2019

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