Allegiant Health Offers Sugar-Free Energy Boosters Nationwide

Allegiant Health offers a variety of flavors for its FDA-approved PerkUp Energy Boosters available online for delivery across the country.

Allegiant Health Offers Sugar-Free Energy Boosters Nationwide
New York, NY, August 07, 2021 --( There’s a growing market for energy boosters as people embrace a fast-paced lifestyle. Among other reasons, people need energy boosters to pull all-nighters, become recharged at work, and fight off drowsiness. Most people rely on heavily caffeinated drinks to do the job, however, there is now another alternative to these drinks.

New York based company, Allegiant Health, manufactures and delivers HealthA2Z PerkUp cubes across the US. These energy booster cubes are safe for consumption and offer a healthy alternative to sugar and caffeinated energy drinks.

Naturally-sourced caffeine is an integral part of PerkUp’s composition. This kind of caffeine can help improve short-term memory, reduce fatigue, and increase mental activity in a safe manner. Derived from green coffee beans, this natural stimulant also acts as an antioxidant. Each serving has approximately 50mg of natural caffeine which is equal to one small cup of coffee.

The company prides itself on packing the energy booster cubes with vitamin B3, B5, and B6 which quickly convert food into energy without sending you into frenzy.

An executive at HealthA2Z stated, “At HealthA2Z, our top priority is your health. We don’t just want you to feel pumped all of a sudden, we want to make the process safe and healthy for you. Our energy boosters are packed with nutrients and are sugar-free, making them safe for frequent consumption.”

Available in Lemon-Lime Burst, Strawberry Shock, and Blueberry Rush flavors, these energy boosters dissolve quickly, leaving fruity flavor behind. They’re a pocket-friendly alternative to buying expensive coffee and energy drinks. The company also wants to save its customers from the hassle of carrying messy liquids for the same amount of energy.

Another use of the product that the company has highlighted is its ability to improve workouts by giving a burst of energy that can be used to burn calories. Since the product itself is free of calories as well, it can safely be incorporated into fitness regimes.

About Allegiant Health
Founded in 2004 in the US, Allegiant Health has emerged as an innovative contributor to the OTC healthcare market. The company adheres to strict quality standards to produce pharmaceutical products and supplements. Under brand names HealthA2Z and NutraA2Z,their products aim to meet consumers’ various needs and requirements.

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