Promotes M.L. Stark's Dark Novel - Burning Desire is pleased to partner with author M.L. Stark is pleased to promote her dark novel, Burning Desire: The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes, Part I.

New York, NY, August 07, 2021 --( Author M.L. Stark Promotes Her Dark Novel - Burning Desire

A dangerous affair between sociopath doctor and patient unfolds in the "Burning Desire" Series. This is a dark novel where the author portrays deadly dalliance between an unsuspecting lady and a predator.

The American Psychological Association defines sociopathy, also known as antisocial personality disorder, as a chronic disposition to disregard and violate the rights of others, with an utter lack of guilt, remorse and empathy. Mary is a successful though concerned woman who seeks treatment from a doctor only to find herself ensnared and manipulated by a sociopath. "Burning Desire: The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes Part I" follows Mary as she wounds up in a twisted affair rife with danger, and she must struggle to survive with her sanity and humanity intact.

Mary is an established woman, and unaware she is dating a disturbing sociopath. He is a doctor who has swindled others throughout his entire life. He’s chillingly tormenting her, completely lacking self-discipline, respect for obligations, social norms as his patterns are repeated lies. Will Mary survive the abuse?

Burning Desire is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Information:
Burning Desire
The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes, Part I
By M.L. Stark
Publisher: ‎Xlibris
ISBN: ‎978-1984593597 (pb)
ISBN: 978-1984593603 (hc)
ASIN: B085183CJK
Pages: 386
Genre: Fiction, Drama

About the Author:
M. L. Stark has been married for over 20 years and has adult children and grandchildren. She based certain elements of the story on real-life events. When Stark was middle-aged, she underwent a divorce and met a new man who mentally abused her. These experiences and her survival have empowered her to write stories about surviving cruelty and abuse.

"I am telling the story not of what I thought I was meant to be born into, but as the survivor I have become after abuse. I am also hoping to connect with people and deter them from facing a toxic relationship in their lives by sharing my own real-life events," Stark says.

M. L. Stark dares to discuss what it is like to be in an abusive relationship, and shows the power in embracing the experience, prevailing and ultimately recovering from the abuse, escaping the psychopath and helping others tap into their empathy and prevail over similar hazards.


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