Reid Champagne Shares His Exciting Relationship with His Wife Through His Writings

The renowned American author Reid Champagne, who recently celebrated his first anniversary with lady love Carol Madigan, continues to document his relationship as "the raising of a husband."

Reid Champagne Shares His Exciting Relationship with His Wife Through His Writings
New York, NY, August 11, 2021 --( American writer, humorist, and observer Reid Champagne is like an open book for his fans. Widowed late in life, Carol Madigan married Reid Champagne only recently. They celebrated their first anniversary on February 13, 2021, with a large part of their relationship spent under the COVID-19 resultant lockdown. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Reid has a reasonably dedicated fan following, especially for his columns and blogs, which he publishes now and then.

Reid shares the details of the relationship he shares with his wife as they travel around the world together. But with a sharp mind like his, there’s always a humorous edge to his writings. He’s been writing for over 35 years, but in reality, his relationship with papers and books dates back to when he was still in school. His wife, too, contributes to his work, as she features in "Carol Madigan’s Diary." They collectively refer to their marriage as Paper, but the story behind this is yet to be revealed.

Carol and Reid have both retired, which means they spend most of their time together; however, Reid, for one, thought he’d never be in a committed relationship, which makes their story more interesting. He writes about his wife, “Carol is the Steve Irwin of spouses,” he continued to refer himself as the platypus in the relationship, “the first scientists to examine the platypus thought it was fake, stitched together from parts of different animals. Carol saw me as real, though stitched together from several different, mild personality disorders, and embraced me anyway.”

Needless to say, Reid and Carol are happily married as they both claim, “I’ll just add this about our first married year together, we both think it flew by, even though most of its waking moments were spent on the couch eating breakfast and discussing what our dinner options were.”

For more information, or probably a hearty laugh, head to Reid Champagne’s official website.

About Reid Champagne
Reid Champagne is an American writer, humorist, and observer. He’s been a writer for over 35 years and continues to write even in his 70s. He’s also a frequent traveler alongside his wife, Carol Madigan, who often contributes to his photo gallery. His humorous column and blog have gained popularity nationwide amongst travel enthusiasts.

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