Life Strategist Tracey Vazquez from District Coaching Offers Multiple Life Coaching Pricing Bundles to Help Individuals Create New Versions of Themselves

Life strategist is helping individuals move forward in their lives by practicing mindfulness.

Life Strategist Tracey Vazquez from District Coaching Offers Multiple Life Coaching Pricing Bundles to Help Individuals Create New Versions of Themselves
Washington, DC, August 22, 2021 --( With a B.S. degree in Psychology and an M.S. in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling, Tracey Vazquez from District Coaching has emerged as one of the most impactful coaches in the state.

A representative of the company stated, “Tracey and her team strongly believe that sound mental health is every individual’s fundamental right. This is why Tracey works toward making life coaching more accessible for every individual. This is why District Coaching offers multiple pricing bundles for individuals to choose from. Our most affordable package costs $1600. This one includes weekly 1-hour phone call session that helps the individual decrease their mental clutter.”

Life coaches are wellness professionals that play a very pivotal role in transforming the society at large. A life coach’s main area of expertise is to help their clients progress in their lives and attain their desired level of self-actualization and personal fulfillment. A good life coach works with their client on a daily basis and helps them with a number of aspects of their everyday lives, including their relationships, career, and other goals.

The need for life coaching became a lot more prominent ever since the pandemic began. The economic recession resulting from the pandemic has taken a negative toll on the mental health of individuals around the world. Isolation, job losses, social distancing, closure of universities, and consistent bad news showing up on the television channels made it a lot worse. Symptoms of anxiety, depression, and hopelessness became a lot common.

In the middle of all the pandemic-induced chaos, Tracey Vazquez has emerged as a savior that most individuals in Washington, DC, really needed. Tracey is not only the founder but also the executive coach for one of the leading virtual life coaching companies from Washington, DC - District Coaching. One of Tracey’s primary goals is to help individuals achieve wholeness and healing from within through her work.

The company spokesperson continued, “Much of Tracey’s expertise comes from her 15-years long professional experience in the field of psychology, and neurology. She adopts a very integrative approach to help individuals understand what their bodies and minds are capable of and facilitate the trauma healing process.”

Tracey also possesses a great deal of specialized knowledge in the field of mindfulness, meditation, and neuro-linguistic programming.

About The Company

District Coaching is a virtual life coaching and counseling platform led by Tracey Vazquez, who provides virtual sessions to clients via weekly and bi-monthly plans.

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Phone: 202-798-4911
Address: D.C. Metro Area in the DMV
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