Agilo for Scrum V.0.6 Released. Improved Sprint Backlog with Dynamic Hierarchy.

The Berlin based agile42 GmbH has released version 0.6 of the Open Source Tool Agilo for Scrum.

Berlin, Germany, May 09, 2008 --( As a comprehensive Team Tool Agilo gives you the possibility to create and attend all Scrum artifacts like the Product or Sprint Backlog. Furthermore Agilo supports all other roles of Scrum such as the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, the team and other stakeholders. Additionally the new version of Agilo offers a wide range of new functionalities.

An important new function of Agilo is that the user is able to define any items (story, task, ticket, spike…) and set their dependencies as required. Afterwards Agilo generates the hierarchy between new tickets automatically and displays it in the Sprint Backlog.

Further new functions are:
- Own tasks can be edited in the Sprint Backlog
- Task progress is now displayed

- Import functionalities extended
- Optimized statistics
- etc.

Agilo for Scrum is based on the experience of many Scrum projects of agile42 therefore it can be used very easily and quickly in every company using Scrum. It can be downloaded freely from the website ( either for an installation or as a complete and pre configured VM. Additionally an online test server is provided.

The core business of the Berlin based company agile42 is process consulting, training and coaching of agile projects, but agile42 offers services to installation, configuration and maintenance of Agilo as well.

About agile42
Agile42 considers itself an agile company in more ways than one. The successful Berlin-based company offers praxis oriented process consulting, training and software with a focus on lean and agile approaches like scrum. The efficient combination of management involvement, knowledge transfer, team coaching on the job and a praxis based tool support is responsible for the success in many international companies.

- Faster revenue generation
- Accelerated ROI (Return on Investment) 

- Improved quality 

- faster go to market 

- and last but not least a raise motivation in all the involved teams.

Further information:
agile42 GmbH
Marion Eickmann‚ Grünberger Str. 54
10245 Berlin

agile42 GmbH
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