Light Of The Moon Publishing Releases 2nd Edition of G.W. Mullins Book "Native American Legends: Stories Of The Hopi Indians Vol. One"

Author G.W. Mullins and award-winning artist C.L. Hause revisit their best-selling title “Native American Legends: Stories Of The Hopi Indians Vol. One," with an anniversary 2nd edition release.

New York, NY, August 26, 2021 --( In this title, Mullins offers an all-encompassing history of the Hopi Indian tribe. Contained with 210 pages (ISBN: 978-1-7377100-2-8) are stories from all areas of their lives, from creation to death. This book, part one of a series, offers a rare glimpse into Native American life from the point of view of the oldest tribe of North America.

Hundreds of tribes throughout North American created a huge mythological system that has rivaled that of the Greeks. The Hopi were no exception. Their folklore explored subjects of Star People, Creation, Sky Gods, Paranormal Events, War, Animal Tales and so much more. With a past stretching back thousands of years, they are one of the oldest living cultures in documented history.

The stories collected in this book represent some of the best to be found. Included you will find: The Destruction Of Palatkwapi, How Ball-head (Tatciqto) Wedded And Oraibi Maiden, The Aho’li And Other Walpi Katcinas, Pookonghoya And His Brother As Thieves, How Po’okong Won A Bride, How The Antelope Maiden Was Reconciled, How The Yellow Corn-Ear Maiden Became A Bull Snake And Revenged Herself, A Journey To Skeleton House, Skeleton Woman And The Hunter, The Two Pueblo Maidens Who Were Married To The Night, How Hiyonatitiwa Defeated The Plan Of His Enemies, The Shongopavi Maiden Who Turned Into A Dog, Big Head And Goat Horn, Kavushkavuwnom And Shoviviounom, How The Children Of Pivanhonk’api Obtained Permission To Catch Birds, The Jug Boy, Muyingwa, Two Children, And The Hummiongbird, The Kalatoto Who Wished To Have Hair On His Head, The Child Who Turned Into An Owl, The Children And The Lizards, The Coyote And The Turtles, The Water Serpent And The Coyote, The Coyote And The Hummingbird, The Coyote And The Turtle-dove, The Coyote And The Blue Jays, and many, many more.

For further information, on the writing visit G.W. Mullins' website at For information on the art of C.L. Hause, visit his website at Books released by Mullins / Hause are available world-wide from book-sellers such as, Kobo, Google Book Store, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million,, Waterstone’s, Powell’s City Of Books, Indigo, and many others.

G.W. Mullins is an Author, Photographer, and Entrepreneur of Native American / Cherokee descent. He has been a published author for over 10 years. His writing has focused on the paranormal and Native American studies.

Mullins has released several books on the history/stories/fables of the Native American Indians. Among his books are the extremely successful “Star People, Sky Gods and Other Tales of the Native American Indians,” “Story Teller An Anthology Of Folklore From The Native American Indians,” “The Native American Story Book - Stories Of The American Indians For Children Volumes 1-5,” “The Native American Cookbook,” and “Walking With Spirits Native American Myths, Legends, And Folklore Volumes 1 Thru 6.”

He has released the complete series of his Sci/Fi Fantasy books "From The Dead Of Night," including the Best-Selling titles - Daniel Is Waiting, and Daniel Returns.

His most recent work includes the series Rise Of The Snow Queen featuring Book One The Polar Bear King and Book Two War Of The Witches. Mullins’ latest releases include two young adult fantasy series, Rise of the Darklighter Book One Dark Awakening and Dream Walker Book One: Enter the Sandman. Among his other releases are Messages from The Other Side (a nonfiction book about communication with the dead), and the soon to be released “Convergence” (a post-apocalyptic book multi-series event coming in winter 2021).

C.L. Hause is an abstract artist who possesses a Master Of Fine Arts Degree specializing in Studio Art / Theater. He was the winner of the 2013 Johnny Hart Memorial Award as well of several others. He has always been inspired by nature, primitive and Native American design.
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