XPL's Software 2.0 Compiler Offered Globally with Venture Capital Cohort

Boulder, CO, August 27, 2021 --(PR.com)-- XPL is pleased to announce that its Deep Active Learning product is now available to Antler VC’s entire global cohort.

From August 1, any start-up (250 +) that has been or is currently active within the Antler network will be offered XPL’s Deep Active Learning product via the Antler program. Early-stage companies can get access to paradigm-shifting machine learning technology without the need for Data Scientists or intensive infrastructure.

XPL believes that in the future most businesses, regardless of size, will be operating within the construct of Software 2.0. XPL also believes that today, machine learning is presented in an overtly complicated and intimidating fashion. At best the AI B2B market is simply ignoring 95% of the global economy. At worst, it is disenfranchising it.

XPL’s mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of product storylines with a Deep Active Learning product that not only is stripped of complexity and the need for technical expertise, but that also works in its predictive performance. Distribution within the Antler global program is a significant early milestone in seeing this mission through.

About XPL

XPL is a Deep Active Learning platform designed to remove the complexity of AI adoption within a business. The models - which are deployed on an edge device and trained in the cloud – can help a business begin to use Deep Active Learning without the need for complicated architecture or expensive consultants.


About Antler

Founded in Singapore in 2017 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, investors and company builders, Antler is a global early-stage VC enabling and investing in the world’s most exceptional people. With offices across most major startup hubs globally, Antler is passionate about supporting exceptional people to fundamentally improve the world.

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Matt Doerner