Camelback Nutrition & Wellness Launches Media & Consulting Division

Phoenix, AZ, August 31, 2021 --( Camelback Nutrition and Wellness, a Scottsdale, Arizona based private nutrition practice, expands their commitment to making nutrition accessible to all by launching a business consulting division to their already thriving practice. The new media and consulting division will focus on providing nutritional consulting services to a variety of business sectors including corporate wellness, healthcare facilities, restaurants, food manufacturers, supplement brands and nutrition technology.

Kristen Carli, owner of Camelback Nutrition and Wellness, will lead the new team alongside a team of other dietitians, with Heather Daylor as executive assistant and Victoria Whittington, RD as a dedicated account manager.

The firm will work with organizations from across the country, offering expert consulting services to any company who desires nutritional review of their products, recipe development, nutrition article writing, educational talks and seminars, social media partnership, cooking demonstrations, menu development, among other services as needed.

Kristen Carli notes, “Direct patient counseling, which has been a primary focus of Camelback Nutrition and Wellness, while critically important, cannot change the industries that need to be disrupted in order to make our society a healthier, more sustainable one. That’s why this new effort will focus on working with organizations vs. individuals to accelerate this disruption.”

Carli states, “Many of my patients want to do the right thing, but the way we feed the masses in America makes their journey to better health a difficult one.”

“By expanding into organizational consulting, we can leverage our experience with direct patient counseling to help companies address common pain points experienced by consumers. This insight will help inform a new wave of nutrition focused food products and restaurant concepts,” Carli added.

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