Radio Legend "The Mancow" Launches an Explosive Controversial Live Broadcast

Mancow Muller bypasses corporate censorship with explosive and unique content.

Radio Legend "The Mancow" Launches an Explosive Controversial Live Broadcast
Chicago, IL, September 08, 2021 --( Erich “Mancow” Muller, a voice that’s as familiar as the wallpaper in your childhood bedroom on America’s radio waves, recently launched a live podcast and it promises to be everything Mancow’s “Militia of Love” members have come to expect.

The favorably reviewed show has unique content in the world of podcasting.
Monday Night Live with Mancow is a weekly full length live episode covering current events, and Microaggressions which is a series of short webisodes featuring random thoughts and “throwback” content throughout the week.

Monday Night Live with Mancow can be found on Mondays at 8PM/7PM Central and is simulcast on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (via Periscope), Twitch and Rumble.

Episodes are available to rewatch immediately following the live stream and are additionally uploaded to Bitchute and syndicated as an audio podcast through Spotifiy’s syndication platform and is available on Spotify, Apple and other popular podcast platforms.

“We wanted to create the least amount of friction possible between our listeners and our content,” says Mancow, “and ensure that if we get censored or deplatformed by the tech monopolies, there are plenty of additional options to access our show.”

The Mancow team is constantly adding new platforms to syndicate content, and updates links to all the sources via the show’s website:

“The new Mancow 2.0 is pure Mancow minus the well paid annoying sidekick chuckleheads,” Mancow states. “Everything we hear now is pre-chewed corporate pablum puked into America’s psyche. This is something else.”

The clicks, tweets, retweets and discussions Mancow generates are proving to be bigger than anything in his rear view mirror.

Experts at Twitch and Anchor feel this will be one of their top 10 podcasts within a few years.
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