New Jersey Hip-Hop Duo Wraps Up Production for Debut EP

TT(TopTier) announced they wrapped up recording and production for their first record, Black Angel White Devil.

Jersey City, NJ, September 15, 2021 --( Black and white hip hop outfit, TT(TopTier), announced they wrapped up recording and production for their first record. The upcoming music collection is titled, Black Angel White Devil. The release date is yet to be announced and will be available for streaming on all major music platforms.

Screening their master tracks after finishing production in Premiere Recording Studios, the emerging duo speaks on their recent success: “The passion is as real as the birth of a new-born,” rapper IgnoVa preaches while lighting up. TT(TopTier) broke the internet earlier this year with a popular underground single, So High.

“Listen up! We got the bop of the year with this new single,” IgnoVa adds. The singer in the group, MC, sips from a white Styrofoam cup and remarks, “We put everything into this project. Blood, sweat and happy tears went into this record. We’re going for broke.” An independent music group, TT(TopTier) remains unsigned. “We’ve received a few offers, but we want to make sure we have enough support to grow our fan-base and choose the right label,” IgnoVa explains.

The hip hop outfit plans on releasing a single from the record, Step Up, as a preview for dedicated fans. Combining pop with hip hop and trap genres, the track’s catchy hook is delivered by IgnoVa, with the rapper and singer MC each performing a verse.

IgnoVa delivers a contemporary rapping lyrical display reminiscent of current top hip hop artists and a melodic touch from the past. Mc provides elevated and melodic singing parts in the style of classic and recent chart toppers.

The duo previously released several singles in 2020 and 2021, including So High, Lemme, Enough, Qualli and Come Thru. Marking the group’s first releases, the singles have received over 1 million streams collectively on Soundcloud and Spotify.

The hip hop duo garnered attention with their single, “Thousand Times,” in 2018. Filmed in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the music video for “Thousand Times” received international acclaim, generating over 80,000 YouTube views. TT(TopTier) has performed in the tri-state area at venues including Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia and New Jersey’s Stanhope House.

The hip hop group has opened for acts such as one-time chart toppers MetroStation and Canadian pop sensation Saywecanfly.

Intertwining elements of American pop culture of their generation, and those passed, TT(TopTier) is paving the way for black and white unity with a unique, fun sound that stimulates uplifting energy that makes the listener feel strong, powerful and comfortable whilst simultaneously maintaining a certain vulnerability and softness.

TT(TopTier)’s team provided the duo’s official background: "Growing up from different spectra of race, society attempts to separate us, but we remain united. TT(TopTier)'s music draws upon their personal journeys with identity, self-expression, love and loss and aims to inspire in others the power to own who you are and share it with pride."

Black and white duo TT(TopTier)‘s star continues to rise. Embracing skillful interplay between rapping and singing, TT(TopTier)‘s witty lyricism and viral sound distinguish them from the herd. To find out more about TT(TopTier), visit the duo’s webpage.
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