Car Insurance Judge Releases List of 7 Easy Ways to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

More cars returning to the road as the pandemic eases.

Baltimore, MD, September 15, 2021 --( Now that people are going back to work, car insurance rates are starting to go back up...and up significantly. But there are definitely a few things people can do to help keep their costs as low as possible.

"It's great that things are getting back to some level of normalcy, but we're also seeing auto insurance rates get higher, and that's certainly bad for our wallets," said Martin Thomas, Senior Editor, Car Insurance Judge. "People have to really get involved and understand how their insurance rates are calculated, and they need to make sure their insurance company has all the necessary information to give them the correct premium."

Below are 7 things that people should do right away to make sure their insurance rates are the most competitive that they can be:

1. Drive safely, and drive what's considered a safe car.
2. Bundle your, home, life.
3. Improve your credit scores.
4. Think about purchasing usage-based auto insurance.
5. Choose a higher deductible.
6. Pay your auto premium up-front.
7. Enroll in auto payment or paperless billing.

"All 7 of these items are things that most people can do, and do with ease, so it just doesn't make sense not to," said Thomas. "Car insurance costs are one of the most expensive items that American families have to deal with, and it can be incredibly expensive. It's crazy not to do everything you can to lower your premiums."

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