Say Goodbye to Smelly, Unhealthy Sponges; Dispongeables® Are a QVC Big Find® Winner

Used kitchen sponges have high concentrations of bacteria. Dispongeables Company has created disposable, biodegradable sponges designed to be thrown-away before bacteria can grow. This invention just won QVC's The Big Find contest.

Say Goodbye to Smelly, Unhealthy Sponges; Dispongeables® Are a QVC Big Find® Winner
Long Grove, IL, September 23, 2021 --( Used kitchen sponges are an ideal environment for bacteria because sponges are wet, room temperature and filled with food particles.

As an alternative to traditional sponges, Dispongeables Company has developed disposable, biodegradable and expanding Dispongeables®. In fact, this new product has been awarded a coveted “Big Ticket” from QVC’s 2020 Big Find® product search.

“Used kitchen sponges are havens for germs and bacteria,” said Alex Simon, the product inventor, “and I think everyone suspects it. We’ve all smelled a funky old sponge. However, most people do not throw-out their sponges as often as they should. There just has not been a better option.”

Dispongeables® are disposable, but tough sponges that can be disposed-of (or composted) guilt-free before bacteria can grow. A recent composting study demonstrated Dispongeables® biodegrade in approximately three-months compared to many decades for traditional plastic-based sponges.

For easier storage, Dispongeables® are expanding. They begin approximately 1mm thick and swell to a “just right” thickness when they touch water. Therefore, a stack of 24 (a six-month supply) takes up about the same space as a jelly doughnut.

To emphasize their expandability, Dispongeables® are shaped like blowfish. “Kids love to dunk them in water and watch them instantly puff-up,” says Simon. “Honestly, I see adults smiling when they do the same thing.”

QVC and HSN’s 2020 Big Find® product search received more than 2,400 applications from over 60 countries. Dispongeables® was one of only about 90 brands selected as winners. “We had a 4% chance of winning,” states Simon. “QVC’s belief in our product is incredibly validating. They reach more than 92 million households in the U.S. and are rooted in providing value, establishing credibility and building long-term relationships with their customers. Being selected as a winner of the 2020 Big Find® is an honor and connects Dispongeables® to a powerful community of experienced shoppers.”

Dispongeables® expanding, disposable kitchen sponges are the first in a line of Germ free. Guilt free.™ home cleaning products by the Dispongeables Company. Visit for more information.
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