a1qa Discussing Mobile App Testing in the SD Times Podcast "What the Dev?"

The a1qa expert has joined the SD Times podcast “What the Dev?” to talk about the challenges of mobile app testing and the ways to overcome them within up-to-date QA approaches.

Lakewood, CO, September 26, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Nadya Knysh, Managing director at a1qa, North America, took part in the “What the Dev?” podcast organized by the SD Times magazine to talk about the difficulties of testing mobile applications.

Nadya discussed the problems that companies face while creating and testing their mobile software and emphasized the key factors to make better-informed decisions, including the application types, UI, battery life, internationalization (I18n), etc.

During the podcast, Nadya provided IT reps, developers, and QA specialists with vital information, including:

- Aspects to focus on while developing mobile apps

- Advantages of a mobile app over a mobile web app

- Trends in mobile app testing to follow

- Steps to start creating mobile products.

In addition, Nadya introduced the tools and techniques needed to reduce QA risks and accelerate the delivery to the market, considering the growing variety of devices that come in different sizes with multiple screen resolutions, OS versions, and more. Some questions also covered the implementation of Agile, test automation, and AI as well as the advantages of mobile apps over mobile web apps.

“Is there a drastic need to master testing for innovation delivery and fighting against digital transformation fatigue? Definitely. Regarding digital immunity, it does matter a lot in 2021 and beyond.

"The risk of failure while accelerating the growth of mobile apps is too high without a proper QA approach. Businesses get more agile and respond to the defects quicker when they possess smart strategies and move beyond classical QA.

"So, I’m welcoming you to listen to the podcast on best practices for mobile app testing and hope you’ll enjoy it,” Dima Tish, Head of global business development at a1qa, expressed his thoughts.

To expand global reach and win on mobile apps in crisis, accurate testing is becoming a preferred point in the software development strategies. No doubt that within the number of mobile devices and complexity of business logic, enhancing the quality is a quite tricky process which requires non-traditional but still efficient practices to implement.

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