"Patient's Perspective On Preparing For Your TKR" eBook Proudly Available for Sale

An informative eBook sharing first-hand experiences relating to preparing for a total knee replacement. Contains information not found in traditional medical literature. By a patient who went through the process two times for the same surgery due to surgeon cancelling one hour prior to surgery check-in.

Bellevue, WA, September 27, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Marie Buckner, proprietor of the award-winning site known as Booktoots’ Healing, is proud to announce the just-released ebook version of her insightful “Patient's Perspective On Preparing For Your TKR.” Written by a patient, for a patient, this ebook contains valuable information gained from personal insight about going through the pre-op process twice – for the same surgery.

“My two pints of blood were trashed. I received the standard medical literature when preparing for my upcoming total knee replacement surgery. I studied every bit of this information carefully and did everything recommended. It was only after actually having the surgery and experiencing things first-hand that I realized there was much more to the preparation process than I was led to believe,” she said.

“I was completely unprepared for all the surprises I found while actually recuperating. That is why I wrote this book. I wanted to make things easier for others going through the same thing,” states Marie.

“My surgeon came down with the flu the day of my surgery. My initial surgery was cancelled two hours before it was scheduled to start. He then went on sabbatical. Due to this, I was required to go through the entire pre-operative process twice. My original blood draw was even tossed away. No medical literature talks about this ever happening, but I sure can,” she states.

“I provide valuable insight from first-hand experience. This entire process was horrendous. My arms resembled a junkies, from all the needle marks. All of my experiences are presented in easy-to-understand language that informs and enlightens,” she emphasized.

The 35-page electronic book (ebook) is available for purchase in a variety of formats, to suit numerous reader requirements. Buyers can purchase this valuable book via PDF format directly from her website. It is also sold on Kindle, Amazon, CreateSpace, Lulu, Nook, and SmashWords. PayPal and credit cards are acceptable payments.

Booktoots’ Healing is an award-winning site that has an international readership of individuals who freely share first-hand experiences. According to the reputable site, Healthline.com, it is one of the best TKR blogs online. Its mission is to help others going through similar situations realize they are not alone. Marie is also a proud WEGO Health Patient Leader.

Marie is a published author, TKR blogger, and total knee replacement patient who enjoys writing about her experiences living with a variety of health conditions to help others going through the same thing.

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