ClickInstall Windows 2.0 Builds a Setup Process for Any Windows App

ClickInstall Windows 2.0 adds customization to an MSI compliant, code signed installer. The install process can copy, create and delete files and folders or run shell commands. Run custom executables before or after the install process.

Henderson, NV, September 29, 2021 --( ClickInstall Windows 2.0 makes it easy to create highly customized, modern installers for Windows computers based on Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) technology. The install process can run a custom executable before and after installing or before uninstalling. The install process can copy, create and delete files and folders or run shell commands to perform a complex setup process. Downloaded setup files can optionally be removed when the install process completes.

A good installer can reduce support cost, simplify and customize the user experience, add security and make a great first impression. ClickInstall Windows builds a 32 or 64-bit software installer that runs on any Windows computer. Applications, libraries and the installer itself can be code signed during the build process adding credibility for users, web browsers and virus scanners.

Include an Uninstall button or let the user uninstall from the Control Panel. Registry entries added during the install process are removed when the application is uninstalled. Use the Auto-Uninstall feature to remove a detected older version before installing a new build of your application. Show a progress indicator during the install process.

To customize the user experience, check minimum OS and RAM requirements before installing, present OS specific messages or Pre and Post install notes. Take the user to your online registration, tutorial or introduction video when the install process is finished. Add security to an installer with an install password or bind the installer to a USB dongle that must be present to run.

A simple installer screen is presented with custom logo, icon and background image. Include an optional web link, copyright notice, license agreement with required confirmation, help or release notes.

An executable can run before installation to confirm system requirements or after installation to perform custom actions. The uninstall process can also run an EXE to cleanup or save data created after the original install to ensure a clean uninstall process. A custom executable can easily communicate with the installer to allow completion before continuing the install process.

The installer window title, buttons and other text seen by the user can be customized for any human language with Unicode text encoding. The installer can add Desktop or Start Menu shortcuts to installed applications and files. Apply a custom icon to the generated installer file.

ClickInstall holds up to 200 records, each with information needed to build an installer. Select a record and click to generate one installer. Use the batch build feature to generate installers for multiple products or editions.

ClickInstall Windows generates royalty-free installers for any number of products with a one-time licensing fee of $395. ClickInstall macOS users can now enjoy the same approach on Windows to setup and build a professional installer in minutes. The product includes a PDF User Guide, short tutorial and an online demonstration video.

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