Altium Insurance Services, a Premier Insurance Design Firm for Specialized Risks, Announces the Launch of Its Proprietary Pandemic Insurance for the Hospitality Industry

Altium Insurance Services, a designer of customized insurance products for specialty markets, is pleased to announce the availability of its Hospitality Pandemic Insurance (HPI). "Underwritten by the world's largest insurance carrier, our HPI product is designed to specifically protect the Hospitality industry by providing up to 80% of the per-diem losses of revenue that a hotel experiences due to the effects of a pandemic." - Bill Coluccio, the company CEO

New York, NY, October 03, 2021 --( Designed by Mr. Steven Belmonte, a former CEO of a major hotel brand, and in collaboration with the World's Largest Insurance Carrier and Underwriter, Hospitality Pandemic Insurance (HPI), provides the Hotel and Lodging sector with protection against the loss of revenue experienced by hotel franchisors, franchisees, property owners and management companies when a pandemic strikes, as declared by the WHO. HPI will immediately pay the insured business owner up to 80% of the per diem lost revenue incurred at the business location, for a period of up to 6 months, which was the result of a civil authority lockdown or similar denial of customer access. "With our unique hospitality pandemic insurance, the franchisors, property owners and management companies in the hospitality industry can now accurately manage the risk of future pandemics in the same way it manages their property and casualty risk," says Steve Belmonte, Managing Director of Product Design.
Altium Insurance Services
William David Coluccio