ECT Launches Brand Refresh Focusing on Telecoms Low Code

The tech company kicks off biggest transformation in over 20 years, positioning ECT as the low-code enabler of better business outcomes for communications service providers (CSPs) and their customers. The new brand, exemplified by ECT’s comprehensive web portal, focuses on how services based on telecoms low code improve subscriber acquisition and retention, impact top and bottom lines, and thus contribute to CSP shareholder value.

Munich, Germany, October 06, 2021 --( · Building on more than two decades as a leading developer of solutions for telecoms services, ECT is taking a different approach to communicating the company’s value proposition: instead of concentrating on individual products and features, the newly designed website highlights how innovative technology improves business outcomes for CSPs.

· The new web presence offers a wealth of resources for telecoms CEOs, CTOs, CPOs, product managers and network engineers: e-books, white papers, tech videos, webinars and blog entries on new technologies, markets and opportunities for CSPs.

· Based on a continuous dialog with leading industry analysts as well as its collaborative research and development program, ECT will be maintaining a constant flow of additional content on the benefits and pitfalls of emerging telecoms products and the technology behind them.

(European Computer Telecoms AG), provider of low-code technology for telecoms services and products, today officially launched a brand refresh centered around the company’s telecoms low code, collaborative research and development, and continuous agile co-development with CSPs.

The new ECT website showcases a myriad of resources for C-level executives, product managers, and network engineers. Regularly updated e-books, white papers, videos, success stories, webinars and blog entries discuss telecoms low code, related tech innovations and emerging product opportunities for CSPs.

Newly designed to better reflect the expertise, diversity and colorfulness of the people at ECT, the rejuvenated brand centers around photos and videos featuring ECT team members as well as ECT clients. New colors and images have also been added in a fresh, clean and cohesive look that encourages an open person-to-person dialog. For ECT, people from all walks of life working together with a common goal, sharing ideas and exchanging knowhow, are an equally important part of the company’s identity alongside cutting-edge technology and business savvy. The brand refresh encompasses all of these things.

The launch coincides with the public presentation of a project that has been in the works for quite some time: ECT’s Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform (T-LCAP). Although low-code applications are now widely used in industries such as finance and manufacturing, ECT’s T-LCAP is the first low-code development platform specifically created for the telecoms industry. With this telecoms low code, CSPs are able to quickly and reliably compose and evolve innovative telecoms products and individualize them for specific markets and enterprise customers. The T-LCAP makes product development more inclusive by empowering business people, product managers, account managers and end customers to participate in agile product development, even though they may have no programming skills and not be IT experts.

Metin Sezer, Deputy CEO of ECT, said, “Today’s launch of the brand refresh, the new ECT website and our Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform represent a bold step into the future both for us, our clients and partners, focusing everything we do together on better business outcomes for CSPs and their customers.”

“We are thrilled to debut our revitalized brand and new website to visitors interested in joining our ongoing dialog with CSPs, telecoms analysts and tech partners,” said Angel Sanchez, Marketing Director at ECT. “My colleagues and I are putting everything we have into enhancing the overall experience of our brand and the ECT value proposition.”

ECT. Better Business Outcomes for CSPs and their Customers.

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About ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG):
ECT is a tech company dedicated to better business outcomes for communications service providers (CSPs) and their customers. With our Telecoms Low-Code Application Platform (T-LCAP), Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs), ready-to-use apps and agile co-development, we enable CSPs to compose, enhance and individualize telecoms services and products implemented within their telecoms network. We believe that business customers are ready to pay a premium price for reliable, individualized services, continuously evolving in cooperation with their trusted CSP. Toward this end, we collaborate with CSPs long-term and continuously, responding agilely to new and changing use cases, requests from individual customers, and emerging opportunities. Research and development are also a top ECT priority: we consult closely with leading analysts, implement emerging technologies and products early, and then test their viability together with the CSPs in our ecosystem. In addition to our own direct sales and service, primarily in Europe, we also partner with Nokia Networks which offers our products and services worldwide. Together with our clients and our partner Nokia, we at ECT enjoy meeting challenges and creating opportunities.

Founded in 1998, ECT is an unlisted German public company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and wholly-owned sales and service subsidiaries in England, The Netherlands and the USA.

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