Baton Rouge Educator Walter Morales Announced New Scholarship Fund for Students

The Baton Rouge Non-Profit Founder and Successful Entrepreneur Walter Morales Announced the Scholarship in a Meeting

Baton Rouge Educator Walter Morales Announced New Scholarship Fund for Students
Baton Rouge, LA, October 11, 2021 --( The importance of education cannot be overemphasized. Children of all ages, races, and diversities deserve a top-notch formal education. But variations in the learning style of students, intelligence factors, different cultures and diversity have posed challenges in educating children, especially in inner cities and urban areas. To improve upon this, Walter Morales, Baton Rouge Educator, has announced a scholarship fund to raise awareness for urban education improvement.

"Research on how to resolve the problems of educating children has been on the rise. Government Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, and institutions of learning, such as Universities, have been researching this topic to provide viable solutions. More so, the effort to ensure the success of every student has not yielded the desired results in the urban areas with a large concentration of students, racial disparity, ethnic diversity, and many other challenges. In addition, variations in the academic readiness of students across the classroom have restricted the effort of most teachers in ensuring the success of their students. High educational cost is another threat staring at the students, which most of them worry about how they will resolve. To help ensure that the hopes of the students remain high, we have decided to offer a scholarship fund to a student who can come up with a unique idea to resolve the problem," said Walter Morales Baton Rouge Businessman.

"We want to use this scholarship to send invitation across all the University students ready to contribute to our goal to improve education in urban areas across the country. Students can submit their unique ideas on ways to solve the issues via a 1000 words essay. The $5,000 scholarship fund comes at the right time when most students are looking for a way to meet up their financial demands. Application for this scholarship is easy, and the process is short. But all the applicants must get ready to participate in the essay competition, which is a criterion for the award. Creative essay writing focused on suggesting solutions on the best way to educate our children is required from all the students eager to earn the scholarship," added the Baton Rouge Educator, Walter Morales.

Walter Morales' partner said, "All the University students are invited to participate in the scholarship fund of $5,000. The requirement is for the students to submit their unique ideas on improving the learning process and education for urban schools. Each participant is expected to develop an idea, which may apply to the classroom specifically, or to the education system as a whole. Possibly, an applicant has a unique idea of motivating the students to get serious and collaborate with others in the classroom. Do not worry if your idea is eccentric. All ideas are welcomed by the panel, as long as it is related to improving the learning process of students."

The Walter Morales Scholarship attracted the interest of many Twitter users. A happy follower said, "The contest involving writing a 1000-word essay will not only help the applicant to get the scholarship fund but also help the school, the teachers, and students to fare better in achieving their goals. With the scholarship announcement, a student can help to get part of his education paid for while they help in improving the success of schools in ensuring the success of future children."

Read through the application on the official scholarship website to learn all the details about how you can apply.

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