ThrottleNet Offers Free Audits, Posters and Tips for National Cybersecurity Month

St. Louis, MO, October 14, 2021 --( October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and ThrottleNet announces it is offering many free tools for download such as posters, puzzles, and video conference backgrounds to help businesses become more proactive to enhance cybersecurity in their own companies. All are available at the ThrottleNet Cybersecurity page.

A free cybersecurity audit at the ThrottleNet Vulnerability Audit page is also available and will help those that qualify learn where they are most vulnerable to an attack, whether it be their network, website or emails.

“Your data is vital information you worked hard to collect and use to grow your business. Cyber criminals are working just as hard to access that data through vulnerabilities in your system,” said George Rosenthal, ThrottleNet Partner.

Rosenthal pointed out companies should take several steps to thwart cyber thieves. These include enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) to add a necessary second check to verify your identity when logging in to one of your accounts and using strong passphrases with long, complex and unique passwords.

“Businesses should also update their software with the latest security options, research each new app before downloading, and check all settings to limit access to a select few who need documents and virtual meeting invites.”

Rosenthal said companies like ThrottleNet can help businesses by scanning their entire technology environment for unsecured external entry ways to their data. “We can show them how to secure these weak spots with outsourced IT management and security services. The goal is to make sure outside data threats stay where they belong, on the outside of your business.”

Named the #1 IT Firm in St. Louis for 2021 by Small Business Monthly, ThrottleNet has recently launched a new website with videos, blogs and more on cybersecurity. For more, visit

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George Rosenthal