Real Gang Affiliates and Fake Ones, Are About to Get a Wake Up Call, with Bernard A. Mersier Screen Play

Combining majority of incidents that happened in his life with a few made up parts, Bernard A. Mersier gives to the word his screen play "Banger'z (You live by the set, you die by the set." Mallory Toles comments: "If your involved in a gang, you would deeply take every scene of this movie to heart. And if your trying to be in a gang, or pretending that you already in one, this will make you think twice about your options."

Detroit, MI, May 10, 2008 --( Bernard A. Mersier comments: "I created Banger'z for the simple fact, majority of young people think that when they pick up a scarf and claim a color, there's no consequence behind what they're trying to claim. So i took it upon myself to give them the outcome of what happens, as well as put them in a situation, where they would have to chose between they're so called set they trying to claim or they family."

Bernard A. Mersier comments: Banger'z is a unique movie because the script is created and made exactly the way each gang talk down to the way the show each other love. Banger'z is sure to give a whole new out look of how gangs really communicate."

Banger'z is set in 2008 in Detroit, Michigan and is available on

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