Yuma Kishi, Imaginary Bones|Exhibition Update: Exhibition Period Extended & the Introduction of Part II

Tokyo, Japan, October 20, 2021 --(PR.com)-- √K Contemporary (Root K Contemporary / Shinjuku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce that the ongoing Yuma Kishi’s solo exhibition, Imaginary Bones, has been extended and will consist of a 2-part display. Now on view, Part I has been extended to November 14. Part II will open November 20 with an offering of new works and will continue on view through December 18.

About the Exhibition
Up until now, much of technology has centered around human intent and technology's ability to fulfill anthropocentric values. Today, technology continues to grow and, in part, eclipse human design. To Kishi, the value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not instrumental, but autonomous. Instead, through their independent world view, Kishi recognizes AI as a cooperative entity of a unique intellect and ability to render history, images, and other forms of human creation.

Bones provide structure and form. Simultaneously, they are one of the earliest tools used by mankind. If civilization began when bones began to be utilized, then perhaps bones should be viewed as tools worthy of commemoration. In Imaginary Bones, Kishi reinterprets the concept of bones through an AI perspective and presents a world of shapes and rules, independent of ours.

In this examination of existing civilization through its primal origins, Kishi unravels how accelerated progress reveals a situation whereby man-made systems have begun to disintegrate from the core.

Artist|Yuma Kishi
Kishi considers AI not as something that imitates people, but as an alien intelligence from another dimension. By installing this intelligence into his own body and lending it as a substitute, Kishi creates works in which the digital intelligence and the analog body are always placed in a parallel relationship.

His works often reference art history in conjunction with technology to evoke a sense of momentary dislocation in the viewer's self-awareness and the world of the present.

His works have been featured in Nike and Vogue, and he is active in a variety of fields.

Artist HP| https://obake2ai.com/top
IG|@obake_ai TW|@obake_ai

Curator|Shin Sumimoto
Born in 1993. Curation/Research Course, Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts graduate. Sumimoto specializes in marketing strategy and curatorial art theory. Past activities include Count the Waves - Visualizing Invisibility (2019, Tokyo, curator), Welcome to Birdhead World Again - Tokyo 2019 (2019, Tokyo, assistant coordinator), Fujisanten3.0 (2020, Tokyo), Soichiro Murata A Walk Through White Shadows (2021, Tokyo) and more.

Dates|Part I:October 17 - November 14, 2021
Part II: November 20 – December 18, 2021
- Closed Sundays and Mondays (Open on Public holidays, October 17 and November 7)
- Closed November 15 to 19 for exhibition changeover
Venue & Organizer|√K Contemporary
Exhibiting Works|approx. 25
Exhibition URL|https://root-k.jp/exhibitions_en/yuma_kishi_imaginary-bones/
Curator Shin Sumimoto
Spatial Architect Ken Haga
Art Director Kento Unemi
Technical Director Hidemaro Fujinami
Sound Tatsuru Takeishi
Facility Support HATRA
Photographer Yunosuke Nakayama
Installation Support  Shintaro Takamatsu, SALT, Ryonosuke Ono, Ryo Yumoto and Kai Shimizu

Please note, depending on the state of COVID-19, details are subject to change.

All visitors will be asked to co-operate with mask-wearing and hand disinfection.
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