The Multilingual CareSmartz360+ App - Now Available for Korean-Speaking Caregivers

Pittsford, NY, October 29, 2021 --( CareSmartz360 is excited to announce a new language added to its all-in-one, cutting-edge caregiving app - CareSmartz360+. The app now offers navigation in three languages, namely English, Spanish and Korean. With the app being a multi-language app, your business will love every part of it.

The multi-language feature adds more versatility to the app, making it easy for all caregivers to access what they need to more smoothly. App users will be able to view all the displayed content and information in their chosen language without any additional hassle.

CareSmartz360’s future updates will include several other international languages to enhance the user experience for caregivers from all parts of the world. Native language speakers can access everything on the app’s intuitive interface in their preferred language.

Major Updates:
● With Korean as a new language in the app, it is now very convenient for native Korean speakers to explore and navigate the app. Users can switch the language quickly and easily from the profile screen and access information right away.
● In addition, the app's interface has been improved for optimal use.
● Not only this but a weekly summary report feature has also been introduced as an option. Users can either choose a DMAS report or a weekly summary.
● Other updates include the latest EVV regulations, integrators upgrades, and real-time invoice balance updates.

The upgraded CareSmartz360+ offers an improved user experience which adds to the user’s work efficiency and productivity. In addition to the updates, the CareSmartz360+ app is equipped with all the tools you need to be an efficient caregiver. The app is built with an all-in-one dashboard to track and view all your schedules, upcoming shifts, and calendar updates.

For added convenience, the app has several options that contribute to an exclusive app experience. Caregivers can record expenses, view client lists, upload compliance documents, and record quick clock-ins/quick clock-outs. Overall, the app serves as a personalized resource center for a caregiver to help them every step of the way.

The addition of Korean as a new language is the beginning of user-oriented innovations. There are many more updates in store for you that will not only enhance your app experience but will make your workflow convenient like never before. Get started today and manage your business better with CareSmartz360.
CareSmartz, Inc.
Elena Jonathon