TM Marlowe Group: Inflation is Here to Stay

TM Marlowe Group says prices are expected to continue increasing as inflation continues to rise.

Tokyo, Japan, November 01, 2021 --( The Labor Department has revealed that many companies specializing in consumer goods are revealing more price increases as they are tirelessly confronted with higher costs. Analysts at TM Marlowe Group say many of these companies do not see an end in sight when it comes to inflation. They say the leap in raw material prices having impacted the supply chain will take much longer to combat than forecasters initially expected.

TM Marlowe Group analysts believe inflation will persist throughout the rest of 2021 and 2022, with company prices jumping up drastically to counterbalance the upswing in commodity and input expenses. TM Marlowe Group reported that Unilever has announced a 4.1% price growth and Nestlé prices have grown 2.1% in the last quarter. Nestlé has also disclosed that they will continue to increase prices as required throughout the year.

“The massive upsurge in demand for raw materials makes product manufacturing unavoidably expensive,” says Mr. Yuto Hayashi, Chief Finance Officer at TM Marlowe Group.

“Congestion in the supply chain has put pressure on manufacturers, and subsequently, the stores they sell to, to push their prices up. Stores have the option to maintain previous prices, but that is far-fetched given their increase in expenditure.”

Analysts at TM Marlow Group say the boom in gas prices, the escalation in shipping fees, and worker shortages pushing wages higher is also contributing to an increase in costs throughout the supply chain. Inflation, which has been argued by many economists and policymakers to be temporary and pandemic-dependent, is appearing to be a long-term concern.

The US Reserve upholds their forecasts, seeing inflation as transitory. Meanwhile, an economist at the Bank of England proposed the likelihood of an upsurge of over 5% in the beginning of 2022 for the United Kingdom. TM Marlowe Group analysts forecast that inflation will rise throughout next year and begin to decline come 2023.
TM Marlowe Group
Yu Tanaka