Natural and Realistic Landscape Photography Celebrated in the First Natural Landscape Photography Awards Which Aims to Rebuild the Public’s Trust in Nature Photography

Durango, CO, November 03, 2021 --( Utah, USA-based landscape and nature photographer Eric Bennett wins the 2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards, the very first photography competition of its kind. The competition was created to promote the very best landscape photography by digital and film photographers who value realism and authenticity in their work. The competition established a set of important rules to avoid the types of deceptive digital editing techniques that have become commonplace in landscape photography. The results are a fantastic showcase of not only the photographers involved, but also the true wonder of the landscape in a way that people can trust.

- 13,368 photographs were submitted to the competition from 47 countries by over 1,300 photographers.
- Eight industry leaders as judges including world famous landscape photographers Joe Cornish from the UK and William Neill from the US.
- Comprehensive, transparent and fair judging process
- Four distinctive categories were established, including Grand Landscape, Intimate & Abstract, Nightscape, and Aerial.
- A unique “Project” section was created for the competition, through which photographers could submit 6-10 images that relate to one another in some way.
- The photographer with the highest ranked set of images was awarded the Photographer of the Year prize.
- Youth Photographers benefitted from entering the competition for free with a separate prize awarded to winning entrants under the age of 18.
- $20,000 in prizes will be distributed to winners of the competition including Canon cameras and printers and Shimoda Designs camera bags.

Winner Eric Bennett had this to say:
“As a photographer who strives to show people the value of wilderness, I have always enjoyed seeing and creating more subtle and personal photographs that portray nature in a realistic manner. As these kinds of images tend to have a quieter impact, they often end up being largely ignored in most photography competitions. This is why I have not entered many competitions in the past, since I felt my artwork would be judged based on factors that I do not value myself. However, I decided to submit my photographs for the Natural Landscape Awards because I liked that the competition was focused on awarding images based on composition, lighting, and originality as opposed to post-processing techniques or outlandish compositing. I had no idea that I would end up receiving the Natural Landscape Photographer of the Year Award, as the intent behind entering was only to show my support. To be given this award by such a prestigious and well-respected group of photographers whom I have always looked up to is a great honor for me. I hope that the Natural Landscape Photography Awards can continue for many years to come, remain true to its values, and inspire other photography competitions to award photographers based on similar principles of artistry.”

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