PeddleWeb Rolls Out YouTube Video Marketing Services for Brands

Ahmedabad, India, November 10, 2021 --( PeddleWeb, has announced YouTube video marketing services for brands. Under this service, the company intends to help brands market their products, enhance their subscriber base, maximize their views, and optimize their videos on the video-sharing platform.

With 2.29 billion active users all around the world, YouTube provides enormous opportunities for brands and businesses to market their products and services to a large number of people. Also, with three billion searches per month, YouTube is regarded as the second largest search engine in the world. The search volume of the social media platform is higher than that of Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and put together.

Under its YouTube marketing services for brands, PeddleWeb will provide the following services:

Video Quality Optimization: It will optimize the video quality to ensure fast loading time and offer a better viewing experience.

YouTube Studio: It will modify video description, tags, title, etc., to get more views, engagement, and subscribers.

YouTube Analytics: It will track the analytics to summarize the videos’ unique views, click-through rates, impressions, interactions, etc.

Live Streams: It will facilitate real-time interaction with the viewers and easily reach your audience.

Transcriptions: It will enhance the video search traffic using transcripts of the video content.

Reports: It will generate several reports to analyze, improve, and maintain the performance of a brand’s YouTube channel.

Speaking about the launch, the company’s spokesperson said, “At PeddleWeb, we are delighted to launch YouTube video marketing services and YouTube SEO services for brands to help them rank better on search engines and bring in more views. Our team of professional marketing specialists has the expertise and experience in marketing brands and businesses on the video-sharing platform.”

Explaining the process, he further stated, “At the beginning, the team will start the Youtube video channel optimization process by modifying the video’s title. The SEO team will choose a captivating title with optimized keywords. To provide customers with a better understanding of the video, the team will optimize the video description. This will enhance searches and attract more viewers. After that, the team will customize user-friendly video thumbnails to give a quick overview of the video to viewers.”

The team is extremely proficient in creating playlists that will easily enable viewers to navigate the YouTube channels. A well-crafted playlist encourages users to watch more related videos and helps them in finding related content. When the total watch time is substantial, the ranking position of the videos is also increased. After that, the team will closely monitor the comments on every video to maintain a favorable brand impression. The team will also ensure to listen to the customers and uniquely respond to them.

Being a reputable digital marketing company, PeddleWeb provides white hat SEO practices while delivering YouTube SEO services and YouTube video marketing services. The company has worked with several businesses, from small to reputed brands, and provided them with unique and effective digital marketing solutions.

About PeddleWeb
PeddleWeb is a reputable digital marketing company in Ahmedabad. The firm has a team of experienced and expert professionals who are well-equipped to provide effective and high-quality YouTube SEO services and YouTube video marketing services to all kinds of brands. The company has designed its YouTube marketing and SEO services to enable businesses to reach their target customers on YouTube.
Maulik Shah