MOFFAS Introduces New Social E-Commerce Feature Cartpool Rally

MOFFAS, a New York-based technology start-up, has launched a new major e-commerce feature, “Cartpool Rally,” to help independent e-commerce sellers drive sales by taking advantage of the power of social connections while keeping independence and autonomy.

New York, NY, November 12, 2021 --( MOFFAS, a New York-based technology start-up that focuses on building the next-generation “de-platforming” technology for e-commerce, has launched a new major feature, “Cartpool Rally,” to help independent e-commerce sellers drive sales by taking advantage of the power of social connections.

Cartpool Rally is an extension product of Cartpool, the signature service provided by MOFFAS to facilitate collaborative shopping within a spontaneous group of people. In a Cartpool Rally, instead of users forming their own groups with each other, a public group will be formed by and for the Rally event as the base unit. This group will then try to meet the requirements set by the seller to unlock special sales deals. For example, when a seller sets up a Rally target of 100 units for an item within a day, it means if they can sell 100 units of this item within a day the Rally event shoppers can unlock a special price.

“Cartpool Rally is designed to give customers some incentive to help spread the word for sellers and potentially make more sales,” says Robyn Zhou, founder of MOFFAS, when asked about the fundamental mechanism of Cartpool Rally. “In return, the customers enjoy better deals and more perks, making it a win-win for both of them.”

Cartpool Rally is part of MOFFAS’ initiative to push for a human and people-centric technological perspective by giving sellers autonomy while still providing event-level support and broader connectivity to drive traffic. All Cartpool Rallies are run on sellers’ own e-commerce space, instead of a centralized platform. Sellers do not need to share backend access with anyone.

“The idea is to keep the sellers independent and private information private,” Robyn explains this unconventional approach. “The e-commerce industry is all about creating big platforms and onboarding vendors. We want to do something different, something clean and nimble to let the sellers keep their own identity and freedom. It will work best with smaller independent businesses, service providers, content sellers and artisan shops.”

Cartpool Rally is available to businesses registered in North America with their own websites for free. MOFFAS does not charge sales commissions or listing fees.

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