Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Features Their Newest Members

Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Features Their Newest Members
Farmingdale, NY, December 02, 2021 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to feature their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and high level of success in the many fields listed.

About Newest Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to welcome their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Mary L. Jimperson--Chemicals
Lisa A. Marten--Retail/Optical Products
Robert J. Wisler--Healthcare
Antoinette A. Schwausch--Retail
Emily J. Reddye--Retail
Barton Leland Salling--Nuclear Power Products
Amber Mae Saunders--Healthcare
Gianna J. Link--Healthcare
Keria S. Miller--Financial
Adrian S. Canal--Healthcare
Steve Wollett--Film Production
Carl E. Maxwell--Financial
Kirk C. Kupsky--Construction/Restoration
Philip Cameron Shierk Jr.--Motorcycles
John M. Imanene--Government/Child Services
Charlie D. Murphy--Automotive
Baillie Russell Brown--Healthcare
H. Wendell Isadore--Taxes/Business Services
Eric David Amoriello--Entertainment
Alayne R. Holland--Nonprofit
Michelle D. Davenport--Education
Andreana A. Oakley--Interior Design
Poppy Peristeras--Education
Donna V. Fields--Construction
Robbie Cox-White--Community Service
Chaddrick R. Johnson--Automotive
Bruce W. Miller--Painting
Terry L. Walker--Entertainment
Linda A. Shanahan--Pet Grooming
Denise R. Cochran--Education
Raafae Hussain--Healthcare
Michael A. Nodwell--Home Improvement
Edward R. Alford Jr.--Recruiting
Emily M. Zaczek-Connors--Healthcare
Jessica M. Taylor--Healthcare
Leslie H. Crumpler Sr.--Construction
Elyse Katherine Willis--Education
Brian D. Jobe--Gas
B.J. McKee--Publishing
Jeffrey M. Clemons--Government/Law Enforcement
Veronica A. Medellin--Beauty
Makia Metzger--Legal
Vikki Georges Hufnagel--Healthcare
Amande R. Trouw--Healthcare/Retail/Pharmacy
Sam Mann--Real Estate
Erika L. Cross--Pet Grooming
Maria Marcoccia--Education
Michael A. Helpern--Real Estate
Lynn C. Keller--Healthcare
Kathryn Leake--Healthcare
Jennette Marie Jackson--Government
Heather Marie Pierce--Transportation/Delivery Service
Tiffany R. Canty--Coaching/Healthcare
Mark B. Messick--Retail/Wellness Products
Patricia D. Lynes--Transportation
Lynda L. Appling--Wellness
Robert J. Wisler--Healthcare
Patricia L. Burton-McFadden--Community Services
Joy E. O'Neal--Nonprofit
Larry C. Russell--Education
Amanda E. Lopez--Staffing
Angela Jay-Turner--Education
Kasey S. Krueger--Real Estate
Melissa M. Tschip--Healthcare
Marilyn K. Barnhill--Healthcare
Valina Isadora Rivera--Nonprofit
Debra M. Stringer--Automotive
Bruce A. Rauma--Religion
Talisa Shavonne Stevenson--Event Planning
Gregory J. DeLeon--Agriculture
Kathleen Willis--Government
Dana M. Huddleston-Cameron--Business Service
Jessica B. Rivera--Real Estate
Joseph R. Richardson--Mobile Homes
Lori-Ann Harrell--Education
Zewdu B. Haileyesus--Engineering/Construction
Anthony O. Ugorji--Healthcare
Paul E. Rose--Consulting
Marta E. Aviles--Education
Diana Dillingham--Healthcare
Trina Reed Stanley--Retail/Beauty
Jennifer L. Badolato--Healthcare
Wesam Yassin--Transportation
Ida L. Lopez--Healthcare
Jonathan R. Reid--Music
Summer Alston--Healthcare
Lashawa N. Osang--Nonprofit
Dorothy M. Butler--Author
Tracy M. Snyder--Author
Christine Ann Korb--Music Therapy
Susan K. Brown--Healthcare
Robert K. Hodge--Real Estate
Katie Huerter--Consulting
Charles R. Mitchell--Nonprofit
Natalie G. Rapier--Author
Charles E. Bratcher--Apparel
Veronica Radu--Real Estate
Patricia Rice--Automotive Parts
Aimee C. Redd--Construction
Camilla C. TalksDifferent--Healthcare
James "Hy" Levasseur--Retail/Sports
Katina D. Perkins--Food
Cambriann E. Johnson--Transportation
Bernadette Ann Meisner--Healthcare
Mary Ella Ferrenberg--Author/Art
Lynda M. Mrazik--Retail
Sergio L. Perez--Engineering/Digital Media
Elizabeth J. Romano--Human Resources
Melanie L. Erwin--Real Estate
Pat G. Dickerson--Bookkeeping
Shirley Ann Johnson--Author
Don Racheter--Education
Arifur R. Shanta--E-Commerce
Lawrence U. Lane--Nonprofit
Daniel D. Rote--Construction
Donnie A. Green Sr.--Government
Vivian C. Dean--Nonprofit
Robert T.W. Barlow--Financial
Stacy Newkirk--Fitness
Nathaniel Johnson Isong--Publishing
Adam J. Chaney--Financial
Darline H. Johnson--Government
Shawn W. Flanary--Laundry
Patricia D. Andrews--Paper Goods
Ronald K. Smith--Religion
Joyce Sharer-Figart--Author
Regina Mixon--Religion/Coaching
Margaret "Peg" Popken--Real Estate
Glenn Dixon--Construction
Anthony Ingram--Education
Yolanda Y. Clemons Smith--Education
Chira Tenille Martin--Mental Healthcare
Jerrod L. Crockett--Membership Organization
Joyce C. Hawkes--Healthcare
Kathy N. Shaw--Beauty
Brison T. Harbin--Construction
Alisha M. Harbin--Construction
Tanika N. Edwards--Travel
Nancy L. Ostrov--Community Service
Henry J. Pereira--HVAC

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