The Ultimate Sports Network Seeks Partners Due to Unprecedented Growth

The Ultimate Sports Network initially planned to add a total of twenty writers and video podcasters by the end of 2021. As of November 22, 2021, they have added one-hundred and thirty and are still growing. With this growth, the time table for seeking partners (additional content providers, advertisers, and investors) has accelerated significantly.

Las Vegas, NV, November 24, 2021 --( The Ultimate Sports Network initially planned to add a total of twenty writers and video podcasters by the end of 2021. As of November 22, 2021, they have added one-hundred and thirty and are still growing. This growth can be attributed to one simple factor. The concept of the Ultimate Sports Network, connect passionate content providers with a distinctive, enthusiastic audience, has resonated worldwide. USN now has contributors providing content for individual teams in professional sports leagues such as the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, the Premier League, and La Liga. Individual teams covered include the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Nationals, New York Rangers, Miami Heat, Chelsea FC, and Real Madrid.

In addition, USN has begun coverage of NCAA teams and conferences. Teams covered include the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (ACC/Independent), Georgia Bulldogs (SEC), North Carolina State Wolfpack (ACC), and Oklahoma State University (Big 12).

USN will begin coverage of local scholastic sports for the Winter Sports Season of 2021-2022. Though this phase was not set to begin until fall of 2022, the Ultimate Sports Network had the expansion planned and when a need became apparent, that need was filled.

The conundrum faced by USN has been that the model of pay per click, doesn’t really translate into who is paying attention to the longer presentation that USN provides. For example, if an audience member clicks on a tweet, the click is enough to prove that content has been viewed, but if the content is a longer format article, or an hour-long podcast, a click isn’t sufficient to determine if an actual repeat customer has been cultivated. With that in mind, USN has eschewed the normal marketing concept and embarked on a subscription-based platform. One paid subscription provides a customer with sitewide access to sports talk entertainment and coverage across the globe. It also provides for simpler tracking and feedback from our audience.

The initial downside to this approach is that a significant marketing campaign must take place to create brand awareness. That marketing push should create a groundswell of subscriptions and place USN firmly in place to capitalize on not only their initial plans for content production, but also the execution of the next phases of growth intended to make the Ultimate Sports Network a major component in global sports entertainment production.

Frank Gordon, the CEO of the Ultimate Sports Network states, “We rolled out phase one, hoping for a small look from the most enthusiastic of sports fans and content providers. The next phases were designed to develop a larger following. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it became almost impossible to turn away the talented content providers who kept applying to partner with us. We believe we have developed a platform, that by pairing passionate content providers with a category in which they are enthusiastic, (Seattle Mariners fan/content providers, create content for Seattle Mariners fans) we are helping both the audience, and the content providers achieve what they each want from the Ultimate Sports Network.”

The monetization platform, which has yet to be fully implemented, will see significant dividends from both member subscriptions and a unique advertising platform which will allow for multiple streams of revenue to be generated from content without being obtrusive and inundating the audience with marketing filler.

“As a consumer, I do not mind advertising that is integrated into the content that I am viewing. What I do mind is a marketing model that distracts me form the content, and in some cases directs me in a different direction from that which I am viewing,” says Mr. Gordon. “I did not tune in to watch ads, I tuned in to be entertained.”

The Ultimate Sports Network seeks partners that are seeking a method of capitalizing on the phenomenon which is sport. Either as an advertising partner, as an investor, or as content producers. They have a different approach to the way the sports talk entertainment field has been presented to the public. A way in which the goal is to satisfy everyone involved. Understanding that though we may categorize our sports passions, they usually ally across several genres and niches. USN can focus upon individual wants and provides those to a multitude of audience members easily and efficiently.

Their goal is as it has always been. Provide the best coverage available, all the while enjoying the essence of sport which should be fun. To create a platform for ourselves and our partners that is lucrative in both the short term and long term. To make an interaction with the Ultimate Sports Network time well spent for everyone.

Founded in 1996, the Ultimate Sports Network strives to talk sports with whomever is willing to talk sports. It is simple and complex at the same time, just like USN's love of sports.
Ultimate Sports Networks Unlimited, LLC.
Frank Gordon