Comsof Announces Strategic Partnership with Geodan to Support Dutch Municipalities in Reaching 2030 European Energy Efficiency Directive Targets

Comsof Heat has joined forces with data firm Geodan to offer a strategic starter kit to municipalities in The Netherlands that need to quickly create high-quality district heat network designs. District heat networks are critical for The Netherlands as they strive to achieve the 2030 European Energy Efficiency Directive targets.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 26, 2021 --( Comsof has entered into a strategic partnership with The Netherlands-based GIS and data collection firm Geodan. By the end of 2021, Dutch municpalities will have their high-level designs for district heat networks completed. The partnership between Comsof Heat and Geodan is in place to help these municipalities take their designs to the next level, so they can start creating feasibility studies and detailed designs. The collaboration originated from the rising demand across the country for district heat network designs in order to reach energy sustainability targets by 2030 as set by the European Energy Efficiency Directive.

Geodan’s specialised approach to data collection, which they name location intelligence, focuses on identifying location specific data that could have an impact on the development of district heat networks. Geodan provides high quality and accurate GIS data including building topology, building age, building energy level, and energy consumption, just to name a few. This is key input data needed to start creating a feasibility study or design of a district heating network.

This data, combined with Comsof Heat, will allow municipalities to gain a deep insight into their district heat network plans, including build time, accurate cost estimates, and the ability to plan for future network extensions.

With accurate designs, budget, and material forecasts, construction time is quicker, enabling their end-users to roll out district heat networks in time to meet the European energy efficiency targets in 2030. The European Energy Efficiency Directive aims to have 32% of all of the EU’s energy needs met by renewable energy sources by 2030. This is a part of the broader scope of the European Green Deal, which aims for Europe to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

"Comsof Heat offers municipalities a tool to quickly and accurately create business cases for heat networks. This can be done by fully automating the design process and including detailed data in the calculation. Data about heat demand, soil, infrastructure, spatial planning, et cera. With our collaboration, we believe that we will make a major contribution to the realization of hundreds of heat networks over the next ten years at the lowest social costs." – Ilco Slikker Business Developer, Geodan

"Geodan’s data expertise combined with our automated design software will allow Dutch municipalities to develop district heat network designs in a short amount of time, but with a high degree of accuracy. We’re confident that this collaboration will be pivotal in helping municipalities reach their targets by 2030.” - Raf Meersman CEO, Comsof

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