Helping Family Farmers in Turkey and Eurasia Grow More Food and Reduce Costs to Raise Their Livelihood and Economy

Turf Feeding Systems, a Houston-based company, and partners in Turkey, will bring together science, technology, training, and humanity at a new high yield agriculture project in Turkey. The project will bring together local farmers into a cooperative to grow more food at less cost.

Helping Family Farmers in Turkey and Eurasia Grow More Food and Reduce Costs to Raise Their Livelihood and Economy
Houston, TX, December 01, 2021 --( Family farmers are in serious trouble in Turkey around the world.

Family farms constitute over 98% of all farms, grow one third of the worlds’ food, and their crisis is getting more serious every year.

Michael Chaplinsky, the President of ( Turf Feeding Systems, has developed a unique High Yield Growing System (HYGS) for farming that is designed for the family farmer. It brings new products, and technologies together to double crop production, while reducing water, fertilizer, chemicals, and labor.

Michael Chaplinsky, and his partners in Turkey, have a vision and mission to help struggling family farmers become more efficient, and more profitable. Chaplinsky says, “We want the family farmer to become independent of the fertilizer and chemical dealers that control and strangle him. We have new innovative ways to grow food more efficiently.”

Chaplinsky continues, “High Yield Growing System brings together new technologies, products, and testing of soil, plant and water, together with training and support. We want the farmer to know what the plant and the soil require to grow high yield crops. Oguzhan Guler, our partner in Turkey, understands the agriculture crisis in Turkey. He will manage and supervise the project with his broad background in media, training, and business operations to bring the cooperative of farmers together as a team with steps and goals to achieve success.”

Guler explains, “Family farmers all have phones and talk to other farmers, so we will link all the coop farmers together on a chat and message network to send them information and training. We can create webinars and chatrooms to keep all of them on the TEAM and moving in the same direction to success.”

The first HYGS project is being planned for the Ozbek region to enable the crop sales and close transport to near by cities. The HYGS coop will include marketing team to sell and deliver the produce directly to the end users for maximum margins to the growers.

Chaplinsky concludes, “This first HYGS project is a business model to prove the economic and values of the HYGS Cooperative project. Once it has run a year, we plan to franchise it in Ukraine and across Eurasia, where there are farmers and need to grow more food.”

Michael Chaplinsky – President / Founder Turf Feeding Systems
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Mr. Chaplinsky has worked for over 30 years implementing water efficiency and sustainability into all types of irrigated projects around the world. He speaks at many conferences and lectures on sustainable soils, landscapes, golf, and agriculture.
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