Von Perry is to Build the First 3D-Printed House in DFW

Von Perry will build North Texas’ first 3D-Printed House, a 3 bedroom and 2 bath house with a living area of 1700 square feet, near Nevada, TX.

Dallas, TX, December 03, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Von Perry, a Dallas-based startup announced the construction of North Texas’ first 3D-Printed House. The 3 bedroom and 2 bath house with a living area of 1700 square feet, will be located near Nevada, TX. The walls of the building will be constructed through contour crafting methodology. Contour crafting is the process of depositing the concrete layer by layer to create structures. To reduce the cost and environmental impact, the house will use a 3D printing mix created using to using locally sourced materials. This house will be the first 3D-printed building in the USA using a regular concrete mix. The project is expected to be completed in February of 2022.

“Von Perry is on a mission to make housing more affordable and sustainable, we stand out for our innovative architecture and lower price. We are proud to be the pioneer in introducing 3D printing construction to the fast growing DFW metroplex. We get messages from all over the country looking for a 3D-printed house. completion of the first house will kickstart our design-build program named v-Home,” Treyvon Perry, CEO of Von Perry stated.

Lack of skilled labor and construction delays are resulting in skyrocketing construction costs. Concrete 3D printing (3DCP) is a technique for automating the construction of concrete structures. 3D printing requires fewer people on the worksite. The technology has demonstrated its capabilities through various projects around the globe. Most of these projects are happening in Europe and the Middle East. Von Perry is one of the few early-stage startups taking this technology directly to home buyers.

“3DCP is a pioneering way of construction, it can solve the labor shortage and high costs. Presently, construction is a very fragmented industry, with a slow rate of innovation and productivity. Managing construction projects and finishing them on time is a huge challenge. Our team at Von Perry is developing technology to consolidate 3D printing construction through digitization,” Sebin Joseph the co-founder and CTO of Von Perry said.

Von Perry LLC was incorporated in early 2021 by Treyvon Perry and Sebin Joseph. Since incorporation, Von Perry has been involved in designing various 3D-printed structures. Previously, Printed Farms - a Florida-based construction startup - has printed one of the designs from Von Perry. The applications for enrolling in the v-Home program are available through the company website.
Von Perry
Sebin Joseph