RenewSys, India’s Largest Encapsulant and Backsheet Manufacturer, Launches the Fastest Curing EVA Encapsulant – Giga Fast Cure

Reduces curing time by 2-3 minutes, per module. Increases efficiency of the solar module manufacturing line by 10-20%.

Mumbai, India, December 04, 2021 --( RenewSys announces the launch of CONSERV® Giga Fast Cure, a revolutionary EVA Encapsulant that can reduce the "curing" stage of module manufacturing by 2-3 minutes per module.

RenewSys Bengaluru’s polymer experts have been continuously innovating to improve Encapsulant performance while reducing its carbon footprint and cost. The CONSERV P-7GFC thermo-proficient EVA Encapsulant is a breakthrough formulation which saves manufacturing time and cost while meeting the high quality and durability expectations of the CONSERV Encapsulant range.

This product has a variety of advantages including:
1. Wide processing window
2. Shorter curing time
3. Increases productivity at module manufacturing plants by 10% to 20%
4. Reduces manufacturing cost
5. Module manufacturers can differ CAPEX spends for incremental production up to 20%, thus benefitting their cash-flow as well.

This product has been rigorously tested for three times IEC reliability conditions (an international standard for PV module durability) and is suitable for all types of popular laminators, module sizes and configurations.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Avinash Hiranandani, Global CEO & Managing Director, RenewSys, says, “A solar module is expected to generate power efficiently across its 25+ year lifetime, while braving harsh environmental conditions like extreme heat, cold, UV exposure, etc. The Encapsulant is at the core of a module holding it together through this. CONSERV Giga Fast Cure, is a revolutionary EVA Encapsulant because of its significant performance advantage and cost savings making it the ideal choice for a swiftly growing solar PV module manufacturing industry.”

Giga Fast Cure is available commercially and has been awarded the product of the year - "Product Innovation" category at the Module Technology Conference by Solar Quarter.

It is currently on display at the RenewSys stall at the Intersolar India exhibition, Booth C071, Hall 11, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
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