Global Capital Partners is Helping Struggling Businesses Get Back on Their Feet Post-COVID

GCP Funds provides diverse private commercial lending solutions to the hardest-hit individuals and organizations.

Global Capital Partners is Helping Struggling Businesses Get Back on Their Feet Post-COVID
New York, NY, December 16, 2021 --( All industries across the board have incurred serious losses due to COVID-19. However, those relying heavily on personal interaction have suffered more due to the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic.

Businesses like gyms, hospitality services, and eateries all but closed down in the previous year when the pandemic was at its peak. Although they have reopened for business, bringing them to their last healthy point is fast turning out to be an uphill battle. Stepping in to help them regain footing is GCP Fund, a provider of private commercial loans.

“The impact of the pandemic isn’t lost on GCP Fund,” stated a press statement by the lending firm. “As stakeholders in commercial acquisition and development, we’ve suffered just as much as hospitality businesses, food services, and commercial real estate developers and owners. Stopping at this point is not an option. Take this opportunity to strengthen your business against COVID-19 and future threats, and let GCP Fund, fund the process.”

The hard money lender has been helping individual and organization-based investors, developers, and real estate owners acquire and develop commercial properties through expedited loans. Its in-house underwriters are highly experienced, and the overall loan process, quick and easy.

GCP Fund has made several commercial loan solutions available to struggling property investors and developers. Its solutions include commercial real estate financing, construction financing, private loans, asset-based loans, mezzanine financing, bridge financing, structured joint venture loans, and extended permanent loans.

Despite having its headquarters in New York City, the firm has provided loans beyond the state of New York. Its commercial real estate solutions extend beyond the United States to international developers, owners, contractors, builders, and investors facing a similar post-COVID crisis.

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Global Capital Partners Fund is the top asset-based lender of private loans based in New York. The company has approved several private commercial loans for small and large-scale projects. Their financing solutions range between short-term and long-term loans, which come with experienced in-house underwriting services.

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