Joe Malvasio of GCP Fund Addresses Real Estate Volatility – Grants Quick Private Loans

The private money lender tackles the seesawing real estate market through simple applications and quick approvals.

Joe Malvasio of GCP Fund Addresses Real Estate Volatility – Grants Quick Private Loans
New York, NY, December 22, 2021 --( President of GCP Fund and asset-based lender Joe Malvasio has reiterated his commitment to countering the uncertainty of the real estate market by granting rapid loans to investors, builders, real estate auctioneers, and any other client considering commercial real estate financing.

The real estate industry has been going through a volatile phase due to the ongoing pandemic. Although the downtick in demand brought it to an all-time low back in late 2020, things are starting to look up as businesses continue to reopen across the United States.

Talking about this increase in demand, a loan officer from GCP Fund said, “Same time last year, we had investors pulling out of deals due to cash flow problems. The pandemic was so bad people had stopped paying their mortgages and rents—it was chaos. Right now, it’s quite the opposite. Business is resuming, and people are starting to look for homes again. The demand is sky-high right now, and it’s driving up the real estate prices by the week. It’s a good thing Joe’s here to help investors keep pace with this rapid rise.”

After spending more than four decades in the financing industry, Malvasio has seen his fair share of market volatility. “Last year was more of a slump than a recession,” said Malvasio. “It was pretty bad, but it didn’t come anywhere close to last decade’s recession. I wouldn’t wish that time upon anyone, but I’m glad it happened because it taught me the importance of time, among other things. It’s partly why I’m for quick loan approvals, and I’m glad it’s paying off in the current environment.”

As president of GCP Fund, Malvasio has streamlined commercial real estate solutions for numerous clients. His company currently provides commercial and acquisition financing through simple loan applications and rapid approvals.

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About Joe Malvasio
Joseph Malvasio is the president of Global Capital Partners Fund LLC: a provider of asset-based private loans offering several lending solutions with flexible terms. Malvasio has been in the industry for over 40 years and has a long list of clients to show for it. The commercial lender is known for facilitating real estate and business development through simple applications and quick loan processing.

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