Private Lender Joe Malvasio Goes International on Commercial Real Estate Financing

The private commercial financer extends real estate loans to the world at large.

Private Lender Joe Malvasio Goes International on Commercial Real Estate Financing
New York, NY, December 24, 2021 --( President of Global Capital Partners, Joe Malvasio, has extended his company’s tailored permanent and construction financing solutions to the owners, investors, and developers of international properties.

The company combines experience and knowledge with strategic relationships to provide individuals and companies seeking asset-based loans with desirable terms and conditions. They have a wide network of international lenders offering flexible rates and payment terms on long-term and short-term loans.

“Investors can now diversify their real estate portfolio with overseas properties,” stated a press statement by GCP Fund. “They can acquire and develop commercial real estate in any part of the world by applying for a permanent or short-term loan at one of our international lenders. This applies to commercial and residential properties, including apartment buildings, mixed-use properties, gas stations, office buildings, churches, hospitals, hotels and motels, land, eateries, and every other real estate listed on the Commercial Real Estate Financing section of our company website.”

The company website lists over 22 real estate properties that investors and builders can seek loans for purchasing, refurbishing, renovating, building, or expanding purposes. Malvasio makes no exceptions in his commitment to providing tailored solutions internationally.

The GCP Fund leader believes flexible solutions should be made available to every client regardless of their property’s location. This was reiterated by a spokesperson for the company when they said, “We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Joe wants hard money loans to be available to everyone, period. He’s never discriminated against experience, residence, or purpose. The only thing he considers is potential, and you can see this by looking at our company portfolio.”

More information about commercial asset-based loans is available on the company website mentioned below.

About Joe Malvasio
Joseph Malvasio is the president of Global Capital Partners Fund LLC: a provider of asset-based private loans offering several lending solutions with flexible terms. Malvasio has been in the industry for over 40 years and has a long list of clients to show for it. The commercial lender is known for facilitating real estate and business development through simple applications and quick loan processing.

“I, Ricky Taylor, am an authorized distributor of news and have the authorization to use the company’s name, Global Capital Partners Fund, in press releases.”

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