Sage Talent Partners with Pyramid Analytics for Best-In-Class Analytics

Sage Talent, Inc. is partnering with Pyramid Analytics to provide highly optimized analytics for its Sage SaaS offering.

Palo Alto, CA, December 14, 2021 --( Sage Talent, Inc., a leading Bay Area-based sourcing and recruiting firm, is now partnering with Pyramid Analytics to provide highly optimized analytics for its Sage SaaS offering, built exclusively on the Pyramid Analytics platform.

Pyramid Analytics will empower Sage with the strongest analytics to calibrate searches, find the weak points in hiring strategies, and make sure hiring goals and needs are aligned realistically with the talent pools available. With this caliber of analytics, searches can be automated to eliminate pain points, and free up hiring teams to focus on the key aspects of their jobs. Already deployed by companies including Boston Scientific, and Blink Charging, Sage’s software is the first recruitment platform using AI and machine learning to deliver a data-driven alternative to optimize candidate search.

“This is a major gamechanger for us to up-level our searches and business. Pyramid Analytics is at the forefront of today’s data and technology needs for organizations everywhere,” said Paul Grewal, CEO of Sage Talent. “When we conduct a search, we need to be able to identify and resolve any potential issues and road bumps immediately to help our clients hire the best talent out there. Pyramid Analytics helps us do this quickly and seamlessly in a user-friendly way to obtain the best results across all our searches.”

“Sage Talent is leading the charge with the use of analytics to drive better decisions in a competitive sourcing and recruiting environment,” says Omri Kohl, CEO of Pyramid Analytics. “We are committed to helping organizations like theirs use data to drive the best decisions possible, on a platform that is customized for their unique business challenges.”

Pyramid Analytics is a globally recognized innovator in business analytics. Pyramid Analytics has uniquely combined the best of self-service analytics and legacy BI systems. The result is a modern enterprise analytics platform that enables innovative companies, like Sage Talent, to make better, faster decisions based on the same trusted information.

About Sage Talent, Inc.
Sage Talent, Inc., based in Palo Alto, California, is a leading technical sourcing, recruiting and analytics firm serving clients across the U.S. and globally in industries including high-tech, healthcare, e-commerce, biotechnology & big pharma, among others. Sage Talent provides organizations with a qualified candidate pipeline, and is the first to offer data-driven sourcing software providing immediate real-time insight and access to recruitment efforts through its proprietary Sage Talent Dashboard.

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About Pyramid Analytics
Pyramid is the Trusted Analytics Platform™ that connects your teams, drives confident decisions, and produces winning results. As a complete web-based platform combining self-service analytics with centralized governance, Pyramid demonstrates measurable utility, fosters genuine collaboration, and simplifies complex analysis. Pyramid delivers best-in-class analytic functionality for organizations - on-premises or in the cloud. Pyramid Analytics’ teams are based in operational centers across the globe. To learn more, visit, follow us on Twitter @PyramidAnalytic, and connect with us on LinkedIn.
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