HPP Advisors Becomes an Authorized Reseller of MAXPRO/Maximator High Pressure Processing Solutions

HPP Advisors Becomes an Authorized Reseller of MAXPRO/Maximator High Pressure Processing Solutions
Dowagiac, MI, December 21, 2021 --(PR.com)-- HPP Advisors announced today that, effective immediately, they have become the Exclusive Reseller for MAXPRO/Maximator High Pressure for the High-Pressure Processing Industry (HPP) in North America. HPP Advisors will be offering valves, fittings and stainless-steel tubing as well as the MAXPRO Technologies patented Coning and Threading Machine.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) machine owners and maintenance departments are faced with numerous challenges daily. HPP Advisors and MAXPRO work together with the maintenance departments of the high-pressure food industry to keep their equipment and production lines functional and operational. The collaboration of HPP Advisors' current product offering and MAXPRO’s high pressure fittings and stainless-steel tubing will allow both companies to strengthen their presence in the North American HPP Market. "We are excited to broaden our product offerings to our existing customers with a proven manufacturer," says Nanette Cameron, HPP Advisors.

High pressure food processing equipment utilizes water to bulk treat prepackaged food to pressures of 87,000 psi to inactivate harmful pathogens in food while at the same time increasing the shelf life of the product. Once pressure is achieved, the HPP unit holds that pressure for the required time and then releases it. The product is then drained, the vessel opened, then the next batch is ready to be treated. With HPP, there are none of the drawbacks of using preservatives or heat pasteurization. The product appeals to consumers and producers alike as it provides a better tasting, safer, more natural product with a greatly improved shelf life.

MAXPRO high-pressure fittings and tubing are rated to 101,000 psi, well over the required operating pressure of HPP at 87,000 psi and are used to reliably achieve the required performance cycles. Maintenance on both Avure/JBT and Hiperbaric High Pressure Processing (HPP) machines is crucial. A machine with a blown tube means time and money wasted in downtime. “MAXPRO Technologies is excited about our new partnership with HPP Advisors, we are confident this will provide access for our products into many more high-pressure pasteurization accounts, thus greatly increasing our market presence,” says Mark Malony, MaxPro Technologies.

The MAXPRO® Coning and Threading machine is a critical maintenance tool for the high-pressure food industry. High pressures require coned and threaded connections. The MAXPRO® patented Coning and Threading Machine uses single ended operation and simple set up to speed up this process. Tubes of any length can rupture so maintenance teams must be prepared to replace tubes from 4” to over 72” at any time. The Coning and Threading Machine keeps their customers up and running.

About MAXPRO® Technologies Inc.
MAXPRO Technologies is the exclusive distributor of Maximator® high pressure liquid pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers, valves and fittings in North America. MAXPRO also sells custom-designed high-pressure systems, and in some areas, works with trusted resellers who provide regional resources to support their customers.

About HPP Advisors
HPP Advisors offer a wide array of Made in the USA Aftermarket Products that are compatible with the Avure/JBT and Hiperbaric Equipment that offer an affordable option to the OEM. Our Large Selection of High-Pressure Fittings, Intensifier Components, Decompression Components, High-Capacity Baskets and Light Weight Basket Carriers are stock items.

At HPP Advisors we offer services tailored to reduce the processing costs associated with HPP. Whether you have In-House HPP Equipment or want to Outsource HPP Processing, HPP Advisors can assist you with developing and implementing a solution that minimizes the cost associated with adding HPP into your process flow.

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