SyS Creations Launches Healthcare Startup Investment Program to Support Outstanding Healthcare Product Ideas in US

SyS Creations supports game-changing early-stage healthcare technology leaders who are building the future.

Burlington, Canada, January 07, 2022 --( SyS Creations, Canada’s leading healthcare-focused IT firm that has been dealing with only healthcare IT projects for more than 7 years, recently launched Healthcare Startup Investment Program to help early-stage American healthcare startups fuel up their outstanding healthcare product ideas and put it in the front of end-users.

“The North American healthcare market is in its best shape ever. We already have some outstanding healthcare startups but there is still space available for innovative and patient-centric ideas. So, we want to help individual entrepreneurs here in this space to empower them with funds, network and tech support. Because that’s how we ultimately empower our patients and the entire healthcare system,” said Parth Patel, founder and CEO of SyS Creations.

SyS Creations’ newly launched Startup Investment Program is only limited to healthcare startups as it directly influences the health and wellness of every one of us. All healthcare startup ideas which are innovative and have the potential to revolutionize healthcare while keeping patients and providers in focus are eligible for this Startup Investment Program.

Healthcare startup ideas leveraging cutting-edge technology such as IoT, AI, computer vision, blockchain, RPA to make healthcare more organized and optimized will get easy consideration due to the value it delivers.

On every closed deal, SyS Creations not only becomes an investor in a healthcare startup but also a strategic business and tech partner to let the startup capitalize on the enterprise-level of healthcare business and technical knowledge the SyS Creations team has.

As a strategic business partner, SyS Creations helps new entrepreneurs to define a business model, prepare high ROI strategies, draft & execute risk mitigation strategies, build a network of vendors if needed, address healthcare compliance requirements etc.

As a technology partner, SyS Creations helps new entrepreneurs to define product workflows, design UI/UX, develop a minimum viable product or a full-fledged product, carry out product testing, pilot the product and launch it in the real market.

“SyS Creations team has validated and on-ground knowledge of every business, compliance and technical aspect of launching and running healthcare startups successfully in the USA. I am sure entrepreneurs who are new to this competitive and highly regulated space would get tremendous benefits financially, legally and technologically from our healthcare expertise and experience.”

About SyS Creations:

Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, SyS Creations is an IT company but only entertains healthcare IT projects. The founder and CEO, Parth Patel, believes that there is a huge difference between delivering the project and revolutionizing the industry and to achieve the latter, one must be equipped with specific knowledge of that one particular industry. The entire SyS Creations team carries the same vision to utilize what they have earned in terms of healthcare knowledge and experience for the betterment of every provider and patient. The best thing about the SyS Creations team is that 90% of the team members have been working only on healthcare IT projects since the first day of their professional careers.
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