American Debt Enders Provides an Innovative Approach to Debt Relief Nationwide

The company’s debt dispute program popularizes as one of the most successful debt crisis resolution initiatives across the US.

American Debt Enders Provides an Innovative Approach to Debt Relief Nationwide
New York, NY, January 11, 2022 --( In November 2021, the total American public debt was an astounding $28.91 trillion, around $1.46 million more than the previous year. In 2022, collective debt is expected to rise again, exceeding the 2021 mark. In some cases, fake and abusive debt collectors place invalid debts on consumer credit reports. These must be promptly identified and disputed through debt validation.

With over 15 years of experience, American Debt Enders has been shouldering this responsibility in over 47 states. The company provides debt validation services to help people seek relief from false debt. If the debt cannot be validated, they settle it by bringing in a qualified and experienced legal team. By providing effective, timely debt relief, American Debt Enders has emerged as one of the most reliable and trusted debt dispute companies across the nation.

According to a representative of the company, “Debt can be debilitating. However, false debt can take an even bigger toll on consumers. At American Debt Enders, we provide free debt counseling to help people understand their situation better. We work hard to prove that your debt cannot be validated. Our successful debt relief program has been helping people become debt-free for over 15 years and counting. We get rid of your debt in between 12 and 36 months; that’s a guarantee.”

The company stands out for offering maximum debt relief at the lowest cost possible. Their debt dispute program is charged at a very small percentage of the original debt. In contrast, many debt validation companies charge up to 75% of the original debt. In some cases, the cost is even higher. American Debt Enders also provides full legal support to clients. They have a team of dedicated ADE counselors who identify FDCPA violations and offer their clients excellent protection.

“We specialize in aggressively disputing debts using banking and consumer protection laws. As a last resort, we also aggressively negotiate final settlements. However, we prioritize proving that the debt cannot be validated, so our clients walk away with zero debt and a clean slate,” they continued.

American Debt Enders is trusted by thousands of clients across the nation. The company also provides credit restoration services to help clients get back on track. Through their debt dispute program, they effectively bring up low credit scores.

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With extensive experience in the debt and credit industry, American Debt Enders is one of the most trusted names in the nation. The company is recognized for prioritizing its clients and providing quality services at reasonable prices. They can be contacted via the information provided below.

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